【 Net police remind 】 intentional concealment of true itinerary, severe punishment!

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At present, the COVID-19 situation is still severe, but the prevention and control work is in a critical period, but there are still some people ideological paralysis, prevention and control consciousness is not strong enough to hide the true itinerary, the public security organs will be severely punished for carrying two or more mobile phones, using them in turn, intentionally hiding the true itinerary.Recently, the staff of yanchi Exit epidemic prevention and control inspection station of Qingzhou-Yinchuan Expressway found that 13 truck drivers intentionally concealed their true itinerary when the staff asked them to show their travel codes, and reported the accident to the police.According to the investigation, 4 of them, including Yan, have a history of living in xi ‘an and Yan ‘an and other middle and high risk areas in China.Bu and other 9 people passed through Shaanxi Province, but had no travel history in xi ‘an, Yan ‘an and other medium-high risk areas.After testing, above 13 nucleic acid test results are negative.Finally, the public security department made a decision to deal with it respectively according to law.Among them, yan xx and other 4 people knew that they had travel history in Xi ‘an and Yan ‘an (medium and high risk areas), and deliberately concealed their travel history in medium and high risk areas in order to successfully pass the epidemic card point by showing the travel code without the track of Xi ‘an and Yan ‘an. There is a possibility of spreading the epidemic, and centralized isolation measures should be taken for these 4 people.This behavior directly affects the epidemic prevention and control work, if the circumstances are serious, according to article 50, Paragraph 1, Item 1 of the Law on Punishments for Public Security Administration, administrative detention shall be given for 6 days.Bligh so-and-so and other four people pass by shaanxi province, xi ‘an, yan ‘an in high-risk areas such as history, living in the outbreak of the existing card point inspection tour code strictly, to avoid the prevention and control measures, deliberately to show others or no trajectory in shaanxi province of stroke code, although no high risk areas of living history, but its deliberately hide, disturb the order of the epidemic prevention and control,In view of its behavior has not caused serious consequences, criticized education.Zhang bei and other five people passed through Shaanxi Province without the travel history of Xi ‘an, Yan ‘an and other medium-high risk areas. They were unaware of the situation that no records in Shaanxi province were shown on the itinerary code, and without evidence of subjective intent, they would not be dealt with.The franco-prussian classroom state council “byelaw of emergent public health event emergency article 51 the regulation, if a person hide, refused to cooperate with the flow, allegedly refused to carry out the people’s government in emergency situations, decisions and orders issued in accordance with the law, prevent WeiJian departments and medical institutions staff for infectious disease prevention and control, inspection and quarantine treatment measures in accordance with the law,The public security organ shall have the right to impose a public security punishment ranging from a fine to detention according to Article 50 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Penalties for Public Security Administration.According to an urgent notice issued by the Office of COVID-19 Response Headquarters of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, it is required to further prevent and respond to the risk of the current epidemic importation. Starting from midnight on January 13, 2022, persons from outside ningxia Hui Autonomous Region shall hold a negative certificate of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test within 48 hours when entering Ningxia.Inspection measures should be strictly implemented at all localities and inspection points of entry channels. For those without negative nucleic acid test certificates, sampling and release should be organized in a timely manner, and those entering nanjing should stay at home and wait for test results.Persons from outside the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region are required to take another nucleic acid test within 48 hours after entering Ningxia.All localities should strictly implement the community reporting and unit reporting system for travelers with 14-day travel history at home and abroad, take the initiative to strengthen screening, fully grasp the information, and promptly organize the above-mentioned people to carry out nucleic acid testing requirements after entering Nanjing.People from outside ningxia Hui Autonomous Region should strengthen their health monitoring after entering Ningxia, and refrain from gathering, dining together, and staying away from crowded or closed public places within two weeks.Health management measures for persons from medium-high risk areas, persons released from quarantine upon entry and persons from other key areas shall be implemented in accordance with current relevant policies.Net police reminds epidemic prevention and control, everyone’s responsibility.Checking health codes and travel codes is a basic measure for normal epidemic prevention and control, and we must actively cooperate and truthfully provide them.Public security organs will resolutely crack down on those who fail to report, conceal or falsely report COVID-19 related information, refuse to implement epidemic prevention and control measures, or affect the prevention and control order.