QQ test “companion” function, can pick up the heavy stranger social “pen”?

2022-07-25 0 By

After Tantan, Momo and Soul, there’s Tencent QQ’s Buddy.Pinecone finance learned that, according to public data shows, the recent contributor said that mobile QQ dynamic page added a new called “companion” function.However, the feature is currently in beta, only available to a select group of beta testers, and may be available in a later version.”Buddy” is a social networking feature for strangers, allowing users to randomly match people with similar interests and communicate with them online.The page revealed by netizens shows that a single user can choose up to 10 interest tags, including “chatting king”, “eating chicken player”, “disco resident player”, etc. After selecting a tag that matches their own, users can click “find friends” to match strangers and have interactive chat.Previously, QQ has launched the same master stranger social “expanded column” function, opened up a match chat, voice party, couples jump, pretend to be a couple, constellation matching and other 12 plates, through a variety of new ways to attract young people after 00.However, the feature was discontinued in March last year, saying it is being upgraded and there is no news of it being restored.This time, QQ exposure of the “companion” function, perhaps is another new function in the “expanded column” plate, indicating that the “expanded column” plate or the resumption of the opening of the precursor;However, it may also replace the function of “column expansion” and become the existence of a new functional plate for QQ stranger social interaction.The reason for Tencent QQ to explore stranger socializing again stems from the significant decline of its user volume, and it wants to open a certain incremental market of users through stranger socializing.Tencent QQ, the largest social platform in China in that year, now has less users than before. According to Tencent’s Q3 financial report, by the end of September 2021, the monthly active users of Tencent QQ reached 5.74, down 7.1% year on year.Judging from the user growth of momo, Tantan, Soul and other products, social interaction with strangers may bring a certain increase in users to QQ.As of March last year, Momo had more than 450 million users, with more than 110 million monthly active users.Soul, which calls itself a social meta-universe, has more than 100 million registered users and 30 million monthly active users.However, social contact with strangers also has great risks and hidden dangers. Many people will use these functions for advertising, pornography and other activities, requiring stricter supervision measures.Wechat, which previously had functions to make friends with strangers such as Shake and bottle, is also being heavily regulated.Whether the “buddy” feature will be the same as the “bottle”, “shake” and “expand” feature may already be hidden in the development of these features.For more highlights, check out Pinecone Finance