Sunway Group held 2021 annual summary commendation and 2022 Strategic Deployment Conference

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On February 16th, with the theme of “Strategy-leading Business Innovation, Improving quality and efficiency, leap-forward Development”, the 2021 annual summary commendation and 2022 Strategic Deployment Conference of Sunway Group, the executive vice President unit of China Medical Materials Association, was held in the headquarters of Sunway Pharmaceutical Group.Conference held the sunway pharmaceutical group second rotating President inauguration, summary reviewed 2021 annual group operating in the work achievement and deficiency, for 2022 group development strategy, work goal, development ideas and key measures in detail deployment, and commending the won the 14th the sunway award outstanding staff and outstanding team.Standing vice President of China association for medical supplies/compared to pharmaceutical group founder and chairman zhen-jiang li, vice chairman of clouds, the rotating President tie-jun liu, group management team members and the relevant personnel department office, workshop, marketing system and excellent employees a total of more than 500 people attend the meeting, foreign subsidiaries, each department manager of provinces such as video.The conference was presided over by Xue Wei, vice president of the group.All the staff sang the Song of Divine Power to open the conference.Xue Wei led the “Shenwei Manager Oath”, all participants solemnly swear.On behalf of the board of directors, Xinyunxia read the Announcement of Personnel Appointment and removal of the Board of Directors of the Group, announcing that Liu Tiejun took office as the second rotating president.At the handover ceremony, the first rotating president Chen Zhong handed over the card to the board of directors, and Xin Yunxia awarded the card to the new rotating president Liu Tiejun on behalf of the board of directors, successfully completing the handover work of the first and the current rotating president.After the handover ceremony, Chen Zhong, chief engineer and vice president of Sunway Pharmaceutical Group, gave a keynote report on the operation of the group in 2021.Li Zhenjiang delivered the keynote report.He fully affirmed the achievements of the group in 2021, detailed deployment of the work of all business segments of the Group in 2022, and made clear the development strategy, work objectives and business plan of the group in 2022.He pointed out that 2022 is a key year for Sunway to achieve its 14th Five-Year strategic goal.All shenwei people should gather enterprise resources and advantages, consolidate achievements, build on the momentum, and constantly improve the layout of big health industry chain.At the same time, we should firmly establish the consciousness of innovation, management and cost, and constantly improve the operation efficiency to achieve high-quality leapfrog development of enterprises.Liu Tiejun delivered a keynote report on “Data show value belief to undertake goals”.First of all, he thanked the board of directors for their trust and support, and made specific work arrangements for the implementation of the operating program issued by the board of directors from the aspects of the group’s strategic development direction, marketing business, culture and system construction.Liu Xiuhui, senior director of audit Department of the Group, delivered the audit report in 2021 and the key work report of audit supervision in 2022.After the keynote report of the conference, the signing ceremony of the 2022 annual performance responsibility was held, in which the heads of the group’s operating group and the heads of the business lines of the marketing system signed the performance responsibility respectively and spoke one by one.They use heavy responsibility, never give up the oath, to all staff to show the determination and confidence to resolutely complete the business indicators.Read at the meeting, the sunway pharmaceutical group vice President Han Jiansheng “compared to pharmaceutical group granting the recognition decision” the 14th the sunway medal, an elite team of 75 excellent employees, 10, five of the best new, three good husband/wife, and awarded the excellent staff and excellent team the 14th for storing MEDALS and MEDALS.Witnessed by all the staff, the group leaders awarded MEDALS, MEDALS and rich prizes to all the winners and teams.

Xue Wei made a summary of the conference.He requested all employees to further implement the spirit of the meeting, publicize and convey the spirit at all levels, and quickly devote themselves to the current business work, comprehensively start the work of the New Year, and promote the high-quality development of Sunway with practical actions!The conference ended with the rousing song “Unity is Strength”.