Ten essays on Second Uncle/Wang Yanping

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Biao son lay in the village head home for three days and three nights, village head Xu Justice’s daughter-in-law, these days to take care of, boil the most nutritious millet porridge on the Loess Plateau, the above layer of rice oil is the essence, before are the layer of rice oil for children to drink, Xu Justice’s daughter-in-law fed him several mouth also did not feed in.Biao son continued high fever, village head with towel again and again wipe.Some people in the village said, Xu Biao endure but this time, Ma Siyan with a big belly also don’t know her husband doesn’t wake up, Xu every day in the past and chat with her, mainly to stabilize her mood, this village head for a Biao son, is really dedicated.More and more outside of the rumors, Ma Siyan heard in the village, her husband not to go outside, but in the village head home, she also wonder why martensite recently don’t call her to her home, Ma Siyan went to the door of the village head, thought for a moment, suddenly can’t leg lifts in, markov saw her at the door, also know that she’s still know, Ma Siyan step by step approach, more approached more afraid of,Until she saw it wrapped in gauze.Ma Siyan jumped on the Biao son, burst into tears, tightly embrace the Biao son, Ma shi was particularly afraid of the time or happened, she bled, Mr Fang and the village head ma Siyan lay down, at this time Dr Lu came, Ma Shi said: “her water broke.”Dr. Lu said, “Can you deliver a baby?”Ma shi said, “I can’t.””Are there any in your village?”Ma shook his head.”Are there any nearby villages?””Nanshan village has.””It’s too late to turn over two ditches.””Aren’t you a doctor?”I’m a doctor, but I, I…””You what, you hurry to deliver.”More and more blood, Ma Shi went to the towel, let the village head to boil water, several of us outside also can not get a hand, anxious to turn in circles.”Is there a curtain?””What do you need a curtain for?””You take it.”Dr. Lu delivered the baby on the other side of the curtain. Dr. Lu taught her step by step, and she learned step by step. She was so worried that she was sweating.The head of the village let us light a wood fire in the yard, saying that it could exorcism ghosts and insurance, which killed three people.Xu Changmin, Xu Zhankun and I, as well as the laborers of the village, gathered around the fire and prayed in our hearts. The fire broke through the sky and the whole village came out. There was a baby crying.Everyone is happy to shout, is a man, is a man, Ma Shi hug out, everyone around to see, are good.Mr. Fang looked at the child’s clear eyes, said that this is a great Lord, when everyone is looking at the child, Xu Biao woke up and shouted: “Let me see.”Ma gave the child to the village head, the village head embrace in the past, Xu Biao saw the child, laugh very happy, Dr Lu let him not move, gave him some decoction.Xu Biao must sit up, Dr Lu let me help two uncle up, Xu Biao may be too happy, the disease or some, he said: “also please Mr Fang baby take a name.”Mr. Fang said: “Or ma Siyan take it.”Ma Siyan lay on the bed, looked at Biao Zi, took him by the hand, said: “Mr. Fang take it.”Mr. Fang said, “Just now, all three of you were in danger. The fire in the courtyard was soaring into the sky. All of you were safe and sound.Xu Biao looked at Ma Siyan, Ma Siyan nodded, Xu Biao said: “ok, call Xu Tianhui.”Biao Zi’s shot, like the rich man’s tendon, the general, bedridden, cough, chest tightness, feel the moment can not breathe, even the 4th wife’s funeral he did not attend.