Cherish every New Year’s day, because we can heart good years really few

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Many people feel that the Spring Festival is more and more boring, less and less flavor of the Spring Festival, and some people feel that the Spring Festival is too tired to do all kinds of human exchanges, but not as good as.I do not know what the Chinese New Year means in everyone’s mind. In my opinion, the Chinese New Year means reunion first, earning no money, eating any meal is second.In addition, we must have a sense of ceremony during the Spring Festival. I did not understand that before, and I thought that all these things were purely self-exhausting until 2016.In the summer of 2016, my mother had a brain attack and almost became a vegetable, unable to take care of herself. My father was hit and went gray almost overnight.It was from this year that we gradually lost the sense of ritual.In the first two years of my mother’s illness, the family would symbolically stick couplets and set off firecrackers.Later, my sister and I were married, and my father was getting older. Taking care of my mother took up all his time, and he no longer had the energy to prepare for it.Since my mother was sick for the Chinese New Year, all visitors will not stay to eat, my father can not eat too much, my sister and I take turns to go home for the Chinese New Year with some is enough, so fried goods do not have to prepare anything, my sister and I take turns to go home for the Chinese New Year with some, so that we completely lost the sense of ritual for the Chinese New Year!Chinese New Year is reunion before the New Year before the family in order to meet the New Year is busy and lively, since the beginning of the year is getting stronger and stronger.Clean the room, go to the market to buy all kinds of New Year goods, my parents like to eat mutton dumplings, usually reluctant to eat New Year always buy some mutton;At the end of the year, we also need to cook meat and prepare fried goods, and we need to spend a day or two on fried fish.On the thirty day we will be seriously affixed to the Spring Festival couplets, the door high need on a ladder, but also someone below looking at the ability not to stick crooked, and then hang red lanterns, this just count together live.In the evening to eat dinner, to the outside fireworks, not how much, want is that atmosphere, to this step I think this year is a satisfactory.For them, in my opinion, all these activities conducted in order to welcome the New Year’s day is the sense of ritual, and this year, dad always feel unwell, didn’t buy necessities, in front of the couplet, lantern, New Year’s eve no fireworks (because banned this year, in fact, several years did not have), Chinese New Year as if becomes someone else’s carnival, let a person feel sense of sadness.Cherish the Chinese New Year of happy days we feel without ceremony because the Chinese New Year have a patient in the home, plus dad age also big, time is the most ruthless, over the years my father had immediately to the old, said in recent weeks, the body is unwell, or even able to pronounce words of “the dead”, we both worry and fear, this year actually not too good,I plan to take my father to have a check-up after a few days.There are many reasons to let you have a bad New Year, the big Chinese New Year I here is not to say, just want to please cherish every Chinese New Year time, because we can be really happy Chinese New Year day is really few.Older parents feel tired to do less, young people understand their parents, more help, the husbands are also more understanding of the wife, more take a hand in the past, don’t be afraid of noisy, don’t be too many people, cherish tired and happy New Year time, because again tired again is that a few days, don’t let the New Year become others’ carnival!This is the flavor of New Year