Antigen detection, huangpu street volunteers door-to-door guidance for the elderly

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According to a press conference on epidemic prevention and control held on The morning of April 3, the city decided to conduct an antigen test on the same day and a nucleic acid test on April 4, based on the preliminary nucleic acid screening.Early in the morning, some communities in Huangpu immediately took action to distribute antigen kits and other materials to every household, urging every resident to take antigen tests at home and report the results in a timely manner.At noon that day, the Yangtze River residential area of Nanjing East Road street received the antigen kit.The volunteers went door-to-door and handed them out immediately.”Old woman, sent antigen detection kit to you.”Liu is 85 years old and usually lives alone.The neighborhood committee received the antigen detection notice, immediately arrange for staff to come to her home for guidance.With the help of volunteers, Liu washed her hands and took out nasal swabs, sample tubes, kit instructions and other items in small bags.Then, leaning her head back 45 degrees, she inserted a swab into her nose and followed the instructions for an antigen test.A few minutes later, liu’s specimen card showed negative.She said that the community cadres have been very hard, will cooperate with the sampling, do a good test themselves also feel relieved.”Little shiitake mushrooms, little mushrooms, greens, lettuce and potatoes.This is the one with qingwen granules, which is flushed with water and tastes cooler. Three times a day, one bag a time.”Taking the opportunity of delivering kits, the neighborhood committee also sent vegetable gift packages and Chinese medicine to the elderly living alone, so that they could eat fresh vegetables every day during the quarantine period and improve their immunity.It is understood that the Yangtze River residential area has a total of 3,737 residents, will complete an antigen test on the same day, and reported to the neighborhood committee for statistical summary.The staff of the neighborhood committee has been notified in each corridor group, and another nucleic acid test will be conducted on April 4.At 1:00 PM, in wuxi residential area of Bund street, 10 neighborhood committee staff and community volunteers, with antigen testing materials set out, according to the number of the unit, respectively to each gate in the community to distribute materials.Previously, in the wechat group of the community, the staff had told the residents to complete the self-test of sampling and forwarded the learning video on how to sample to help the residents complete the sampling smoothly.Residents also had psychological preparation in advance, and actively cooperated with baymax. When receiving supplies, they did not forget to say “Baymax” hard.There are some elderly people living alone in wuxi residential areas.For this part of the population, “big White” door to door to deliver antigen detection kits, at the same time, personally operate, patiently help the elderly to complete the whole testing process, and wait for the test results show the registration is completed before leaving.Wuxi residential area currently has a total of more than 400 residents.Because of the previous experience of sampling and self-testing, both residents and staff were more skilled in operation this time. The antigen detection work of the whole community was successfully completed before 4pm.For now, the community remains quiet, with few residents visible except baymax.This also let the resident committee staff particularly moved: “You know, in the past such a sunny day, the residents of the community most like to go out for a walk, and neighbors chitchat.But this time, we all temporarily suppressed our desire for sunshine, as we all know, this temporary lockdown is in order to be able to breathe the fresh air better in a few days.”At two o ‘clock in the afternoon, reporters in yuyuan street Lu Xiangyuan residential area of the people’s building to see, “Yuzi with the clothe volunteer service team of volunteers are living alone in the building of the elderly door-to-door antigen detection.You Liming, a 92-year-old woman who lives alone, is very grateful for the constant help from the neighborhood committee and yuzi volunteer service team.Helping the elderly antigen detection is hong Yueming, a 62-year-old volunteer who lives in the same building. He won the honorary title of the third National Moral Model Nomination Award. As a member of the “Yuzi” tongpao volunteer service team, he has a set of secrets for the elderly in the building.Hong yuemin said that many elderly people are in their 80s and 90s and move slowly, so volunteers should try to be gentle, slow, explain more, and be more patient and careful.”Have what matter call me, I live below, call neighborhood committee call me all can of, can help you of, this is lotus clear blast particle, can drink a few recently.”The words of a warm heart, let live in this you old woman at ease.It is reported that with the closure of the community, yuzi Tongpao volunteer service team is mainly responsible for epidemic prevention and control in the area, ensuring the delivery of supplies and dispensing medicine for help. With the continuous development of the team, there are nearly 300 volunteers.These volunteers are all community residents. They have formed a “network of prevention and control” through the corridor, serving nearly 100 elderly people around them. From buying vegetables, to dispensing medicines, to testing nucleic acids and antigens, the elderly will remember the “Yuzi Tongpao volunteer service team” in the corridor when they have needs.”Yuyuan” zi tongpao volunteer service team volunteer Wu Yiwen told reporters, Yuyuan street “Yuyuan” Zi tongpao volunteer service team take the “no clothes and zi tongpao” homonym.Volunteers distribute antigen reagents to the elderly with mobility difficulties and help them to do antigen detection. One is to ensure “no leakage”. On the other hand, they want to care and help the elderly during the period of isolation through visits, such as delivering vegetables and dispensing medicine, and do a good job in caring and caring, so as to ensure that the elderly live a carefree life during the period of isolation.”Under the epidemic, we help each other”, the volunteers said that they would promote the volunteer service spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress”, and jointly build a warm Yuyuan Garden to make the elderly residents feel at ease, at ease and at ease.At noon, tangjiawan residential area of Laoximen street received the antigen kit, and all the self-testing work officially opened.”At present, we are very short of manpower, so this time we rely on building volunteers.””Previously, we set up wechat groups in some apartment complexes under our jurisdiction and recruited volunteers, and many residents actively signed up,” said Zhou Lei, secretary of tangjiawan’s general Party branch.In an apartment complex in the district, each building has a volunteer leader, who arranges to organize other volunteers.This time, residents were informed through wechat group in advance that they would take an antigen self-test today, and the majority of residents said that they wanted to deliver the antigen without contact.The volunteers in the apartment were already waiting on the first floor after the resident committee staff delivered the antigen kits to the building.After a smooth handover, four volunteers were sent to the assigned floors in turn.Many residents hung a carrying bag with the number of people inside on the door, into which volunteers placed the self-measuring box.After safe delivery, volunteers will inform residents through wechat groups.The volunteers were touched by warm words such as “Thank you” and “thank you for your hard work” written on many bags, and lovely portraits drawn by residents.”Seeing how warm the neighbors are, I think it’s worth it.””Says one volunteer.Tangjiawan residential area has a total of 2,545 residents.Since all the residents have done the self-test before, they are familiar with the whole self-test process. On April 3, all the residents will complete an antigen test and report the results to the neighborhood committee for statistical summary. The neighborhood committee will carefully verify the number of people to ensure that no one is missed.Author: Huangpu, Shanghai