Half of the four masters fall behind, gu Zi Hao waiting for the challenger

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The oldest title game in The Chinese chess world is the Tianyuan War initiated by Xinmin Evening News, which has been in its 36th session since its inception in 1987.The tournament will start on February 16, with 32 tigers from China’s chess world taking part in five rounds to determine a challenger who will face gu Zihao, the reigning master, in the final three rounds.Among the top five Chinese go players, ke Jie, Ding Hao, Yang Dingxin, Mi Yiting and other four top players competed in the competition, but two of them were eliminated after two rounds.Let’s look at the war in the first round of 32 strong results: sits Yang Ding new negative Fan Yin eight, nine Xie Ke nine, sheng zhang eight paragraphs Xie Erhao nine negative Wang Haoyang seven paragraphs, Xu Jiayang nine, the more negative when nine paragraphs kiway nine wins RongYi seven paragraphs, Fan Tingyu Wang Xiru three, nine Li Weiqing nine wins TaoXinRan nine paragraphs, KeJie nine wins the taogen eight segments.Lower half even laugh nine minus Han Yizhou eight, Party Yifei nine minus Peng Liyao eight, Mi Yuting nine wins Tan Xiao nine, Jiang Weijie nine wins Chen Zijian seven, Tang Weixing nine wins Yang Kai wen eight, Zhao Chenyu nine minus Tu Xiaoyu seven, girder fine light nine wins Wang Zejin six, Li Qincheng nine wins Chen Xian eight.Yang Dingxin nine section of this round of events worth commenting on, just broke in the LG Cup final Yang Dingxin seems to have not come out of the shadow of the defeat, the bureau of the game he in the layout and the middle plate of the situation, after the half of the old problem recurrence, resulting in the top five ranked players suffered a round of swimming;Ranking the top 10 world champion Shelho was unexpectedly beaten back after 80 veteran Wang Haoyang, but it is a pity;China’s first ke Jie also won a thriller, he trailed a lot in the first half of the set, but then came back to win.The other games had no upsets.Today’s second round of 16 just ended, the result is: the first half of fan Yin minus Xie Ke, Wang Haoyang minus Shi Yue, Ding Hao minus Fan Tingyu, Li Weiqing minus Ke Jie.The lower half han Yizhou minus Peng Liyao, Mi Yuting wins Jiang Weijie, Tang Weixing wins Tu Xiaoyu, girder Fine light wins Li Qincheng.The focal point of this round of competition is Fan Tingyu VS Ding Hao, Ke Jie VS Li Weiqing.A little surprise is that Fan Tingyu performed well today, almost all the way ahead, and finally cut off ding Hao, the civil War triple champion who was in excellent form last year, making this round again have one of the top five ranking masters to return home;World series eight crown king Ke Jie and zero after the battle of Li Weiqing, the situation has been anxious, AI given the rate of victory up and down is not big, Li Weiqing until the final stage of the game out of defeat, before defeat.It is a pity that tu Xiaoyu, the new talent after 2003, who has been the new talent champion for two consecutive times, lost to veteran Tang Weixing and failed to reach the final eight. In addition, wang Xinghao, who was eliminated from this competition before, both young players under the age of 20 in this competition suffered Waterloo. It seems that they want to rise to the top, they still need to work harder.At this age, I hope they can concentrate on Weiqi and do not be half-hearted. Otherwise, youth is fleeting and it will be difficult to leave a strong mark in the history of Weiqi in China and even the world.The situation of the final eight battle is: Xie Ke VS Shi Yue, Fan Tingyu VS Ke Jie, Peng Liyao VS Mi Yu Ting, Tang Weixing VS girder Fine light.The contest will take place in March, and I’ll give you my analysis.The 36th Tongli Cup Chinese Weiqi Heavenly Genius Competition is sponsored by The Chinese Weiqi Association, Xinmin Evening News and tongli Town People’s Government.The winner of this tournament will be eligible to challenge the previous champion gu Zi Hao.The first prize is 400,000 yuan and the second prize is 200,000 yuan.The race time is 2 hours 5 times 1 minute seconds per side.There are still four games in the third stage of the 23rd Nongxin Cup. The Chinese team still has Mi Yiting and Ke Jie. Fortunately, they both won two victories and two victories in the tianyuan Battle.In Advance, only One of the main players in the Korean team is Shen Zhen and in Advance in The Japanese team are jing Shan Yutai, Yu Zhengqi and Yi Liliao.The next stage of the competition will be 21 days, first of all by the main challenge of Jing Shan Yutai mi Yu Ting.Iyama Yuta on the stage of four wins in a row, opponents Fan Tingyu, Shen Minjun, Li Qincheng, Bian Xiangyi are first-class good hands, it seems that the Japanese first person is quite strong.In advance, the winner of the competition between the two will receive the advance challenge of world Number one In Advance Shen Zhen, which is a pivotal battle in advance as the outcome of the competition will determine whether and in advance the great and exciting Event, the Kirschen Battle.Spring in the year of the Tiger has passed, and the chess feast will begin one after another. Whether Chinese chess players can change last year’s decline, turn the tide, and eliminate the cold Korean wave in its initial stage, let us wait and see.