The charming Rockets may be the most human villain

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Rockets may be one of the most famous villains in animation.The three “bad guys” appear in almost every Pokemon dream episode, and fly off at the end of almost every episode, screaming nasty feelings.However, you know what?The Rockets trio is probably the most human villain in animation.Live with dreams and love – Musashi rockets can say the most words, musashi elder sister head.In the anime, Musashi often scolds Meow and Kojiro, and is often seen directing the other two (though mostly unreliable), but in reality, Musashi has a rather sad past.Musashi’s life story is not actually shown in the anime, but it was added in the original radio drama The Birth of Mewtwo.Musashi’s mother, miyamoto, was sent to look for dreams and never returned.After Musashi’s mother left, musashi was adopted by a poor family.Because of this, Musashi had a difficult childhood.It was mentioned in the 65th episode of The Pokemon Without A Seal that Musashi used snow and soy sauce to make sushi as a child.Snow sushi is really not good to eat, and soy sauce is not good to eat. In the 51 episode of Muji, it is also mentioned that musashi’s family was very poor when he was a child, and there was no doll in his home. Other people had dolls, so Musashi did not want to celebrate the doll Day every year.It feels poor growing up poor but even so, Musashi had dreams.Musashi wanted to be a nurse when he grew up, but his resume didn’t hold up.When she was in distress, she saw the Gillyegg Nursing School and decided to enter the school.It is also very good for human to go to the School of Geely Egg. She met a Geely egg there and became very good friends. The two often comfort each other and work hard together.But the question is, how could a human be a Gillette nurse?Unable to use his skills, musashi, unable to be like the other Gilly eggs, is determined to leave gilly Egg Nursing School.Sorry, I am not Geely egg when he left, Geely egg chased out to save Musashi, but Musashi decided to go, Geely egg then broke his necklace into two halves, gave Musashi half.After many years of separation, in episode 128 of the anime, the lucky egg has evolved into the happy egg.In order to repay their former friends, Happy egg gave all the food to the Rockets.And he wants to go with Musashi.But Musashi knows that he is not good now, happy eggs and their together will endure hardship, so strongly opposed to this point, and even with the elf attack Geely egg, do not let her come over.Lucky Egg, who wants to come back even if she is hurt, wants her to be happy even if she attacks him. Finally, Lucky Egg understands Musashi’s intention and stays.The Rockets faked an attack on Pikachu and ended up being blown out to sea.Happy egg looks at Musashi from a distance, and Musashi says, “It’s good to have a little distance between friends.” In fact, happy egg hopes to be happy.Get happy, happy eggs!For Musashi, love has always been a dream.In the 70 episode of the animated Diamond Pearl, musashi’s past is revealed.Musashi wanted to be an idol actor.She liked a little boy at that time.But that little boy wants to be the Pokemon coordinator.Musashi s lover, who wants to be the coordinator, wants musashi to go with him, but Musashi refuses him for his dream.She looked at the car drifting away and regretted it.With tears in her eyes, she chased the car, but she could not go back.Unrequiting the boy’s back to chase after with chase after with that time if walk together with him, can be different?Perhaps it is because boys want to be coordinators that Musashi tries to be coordinators too, taking part in various pageants under an assumed name.Maybe she also wanted to be closer to the boy she once loved.I hope I can see him again someday.Participate in luxuriant contest award musashi so in know their own butterfly has a favorite object, Musashi resolutely drove away his butterfly.He even smashed his elf ball to drive it away.Like butterflies looking at butterflies like that, tangled butterflies, hesitating butterflies.Will Musashi remember the little girl he regretted?In the end, Musashi still watched the butterfly leave, with tears in his eyes, wishing her happiness.By the way, before the Internet has been widely spread, in fact, if musashi hair down, must be a big beauty….Kojiro has always been a funny character in the anime, sometimes even appearing in drag.In the Rockets trio, he was arguably the lowest status, often bullied by Musashi.But in fact, small jiro is not an ordinary person, his true identity is actually a rich young master.The identity of Kojiro is first revealed in the 47 kati Dog and Kojiro in the Muji chapter of the anime. Kojiro is actually a rich young man.Because his parents are particularly demanding of him, want him to become a gentleman of the upper class, especially demanding since childhood.Kojiro’s parents detail the relationship between Kojiro and Rumika in Line 147 of Diamond Pearl: Kojiro met Rumika at a party and fell in love with her at first sight.When he told his parents about it, they were overjoyed and helped broker the marriage.But Rumika said that if she wanted to get married, she would have to swap jiro’s Kati for a meow with a tail.Rumika is sending kati away and of course Kojiro won’t approve of it, so she just runs away.In later small jiro’s parents fake death cheat small jiro back and Lu Meijia married, but small jiro is still very unwilling, Lu Meijia chasing small jiro, put him up.When Jiro ran out of ideas, Kati Dog rushed out to save jiro.Kojiro wanted to stay with kajiro, but he finally decided to return to the Rockets, just like Musashi said, no money and no food, but the rockets have freedom.Watched kojiro away small card let’s rockets have the freedom to say, kojiro family are particularly rich, often in the animation is literally have a villa is kojiro home industry, but kojiro was not that kind of rich young man, he also have some quirks, such as kojiro special like collecting bottle tops, and even the different cap as a life of their own.Kojiro sometimes treats the elves especially gentle, many of his elves are not subdued but take the initiative to go with him, and Kojiro’s elves are also very fond of him.In particular, kushi elves, as long as the appearance of the first will inevitably bite small jiro, this is also a tradition.The philosophical feline who is the world’s only feline is the rarest of elves.After all, there are few elves who can talk, except for some of the gods.So shouldn’t you be dedicating your meow meow to Boss Sakaki?!Anyway, Meow Meow’s past is mainly revealed in the song of Meow Meow, word 70 of Muji.Meow Meow used to have a poor life. She was abandoned when she was very young and became a stray cat.He was even hung from a tree and tortured.When he woke up hungry, he saw a touring Hollywood movie and was impressed by the food, so he decided to go to Hollywood.In Hollywood, Meow Meow meets a gang of stray cats belonging to Boss Meow.They took in Meow Meow, who was happy for a while stealing, harassing people and so on.Once he met a female cat named Madonna.Meow fell in love with her at first sight, but Madonna says she only likes humans.So Meow Meow decided to learn how to speak English.Eat ice cream eat barbecue meet Madonna Learn how to walk learn how to speak But when Meow Meow and Madonna brag about their ability to speak human, Madonna tells Meow Meow that standing on two legs and speaking human is disgusting.Meow Meow is heartbroken.Heartbreak X1 years later, Meow Meow and Madonna meet again.At this time, Madonna was also abandoned by her owner and became a stray cat living in the cat boss’s gang.Meow Meow and Boss Cat had a duel, and in the end, Meow Meow beat Boss Cat.But Madonna said she still finds talking cats disgusting.Meow Meow is heartbroken again.X2 meow’s romantic history doesn’t end there, with many twists and turns. For example, she once liked Xiao Yao’s meow with the tail, and she once liked a charming cat, but she was disappointed when she evolved into Dong Shi Meow.Meow meow sometimes also very wise, for instance in the theatrical version “the super dream counter attack,” only he and his evolution body don’t fight.In addition, meow meow has lost his trademark feline skill of “gathering treasure” by speaking human language.In the cartoon Meow Meow Island, Kojiro and Musashi throw away bottle caps and coins to hide Meow meow’s ability to collect treasure.In fact, the feelings between the rockets across the Silver river are particularly good, they often appear contradictions, but also once almost disbanded.But they stayed together all these years.In fact, rockets are also good and evil, sometimes they will help small wisdom, sometimes they will be very gentle to the spirit.This is the Rockets.It is they who use their bodies to shield themselves from the hunters when they and their own people are attacked.After the real elf hunter appears, rockets will also appear to fight together.What a great feeling ~ after all these years trying to catch Pikachu, although still the villain, but the Rockets deserve to be “cute and charming” villain.