After spending more than a year in love with eight women, a 32-year-old man posed as a soldier to cheat money and sex

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You were willing to transfer money for a single officer when he was attracted to you?Every photo in military uniform behind shining poor lies in jiangsu yangzhou area public security sub-bureau recently uncovered a serviceman to whoever impersonates a case the suspect as a “military” ryu submitting more successively and eight woman cheated by “love” money and color case review waiting for 10 hours bath city police box “to” criminal suspects earlier this year,Zhang reported to the North city police station of yangzhou Scenic Area branch that her boyfriend, whom she met online, had lost contact with her car after driving away.After the police understand the situation, the man Liu mou into the police line of sight.It is understood that Ms. Zhang and Liu mou met on the marriage platform, Liu mou claimed to have graduated from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army National Defense University of Science and Technology, is serving in the army, divorced, has real estate in Yangzhou, will be placed in an airport after the transfer.After obtaining Zhang Madam to trust, Liu mou and her affirmatory love relation, cheat money to its cheat color.According to the information provided by Ms. Zhang, the police to liu’s identity for research and judgment.Classics check, Liu mou this year 32 years old, have no industry, have no service experience.Unexpected is, this man is involved in many similar police situation in many places, and has a record of fraud.Investigation process, the police rushed to contact other victims to verify the situation, fixed Liu mou criminal evidence.At the same time, the movement of Liu mou for research and judgment, found that its erratic whereabouts, frequent between Nantong, Changzhou, Baoying, but a recent bathroom stay record, so that it can not escape the law.After more than 10 hours of ambush, the police in the bath city box will be suspects Liu captured.Posing as a soldier cheated 8 victims of women in October 2020 Liu mou through the blind date platform to get acquainted with Ms Wang, falsely claimed that its nanjing air force unit turned servicemen, divorced, is now a civil aviation pilot.While living with Wang, Liu swindled 12,545 yuan for helping Wang’s brother find a job and helping Wang’s child go to school in the Nanjing Military Region.In June 2021, Liu met Zhang through the dating platform, falsely claiming that he has a property in Yangzhou, now serving in the army, is willing to marry her.After cheating the victim Ms. Zhang’s trust, he had a relationship with her, took advantage of the gap and stole 1,200 yuan of the victim’s wechat account, and stole his car to go out for fun.In July 2021, Liu got to know Jiang through a dating platform and pretended that jiang was a retired officer of the Nanjing Military Region. After gaining Jiang’s trust, Liu defrauded Jiang of 1,491 yuan by claiming that “the military stipulates that personal bank accounts are prohibited from binding alipay and wechat”.Liu met Xia through a dating platform in September 2021 and took her to Baoying County under the pretext of taking Her to meet relatives and friends under the pretense that she was an air force pilot lieutenant colonel in the Nanjing Military Region.After the summer lady found liu mou and no signs of taking it to see friends and relatives, suspected after being cheated with its break up.In November 2021, Liu met Ye through a dating platform and falsely claimed she was an air force colonel flying J-20 in the Eastern Theater Command of the Nanjing Military Region.After their relationship was confirmed, Ye saw kang’s message on the dating platform saying, “Liu is a liar and owes me money,” and stopped contacting her.Liu met Huang through a dating platform in November 2021, falsely claiming she was an air force pilot in the Eastern Theater Command.To love marriage in the name of defrauding the victim After the trust of Ms. Huang, Ms. Liu will be brought to Baoying County open a room.Huang in its cohabitation after 3 days to its put forward to view relevant documents, but Liu mou cannot provide, after both sides part company.Liu met Yang through a dating platform in December 2021, falsely claiming she was a pilot of the Nanjing Air Force and said he wanted to marry Her.Later, in the name of taking Ms. Yang to a 4S shop to see a car and buy a car as an engagement gift, she cheated Ms. Yang’s trust and had sex with her.Ryu in January 2022 through the matchmaking platform meet ms ho, pretends to eastern theater empty ten officers, to marry the name diddle the victim ms ho trust, told place object in the army to report “love”, to review the woman have criminal record information, without the credit card payment problems, put forward to help she solve the problem of credit card within the time limit, and citing find comrade in arms,Defraud the victim of RMB 5,200 yuan.During the trial, Liu confessed to the crime.From October 2020 to January 2022, Liu filled in false identity information on multiple dating platforms, taking advantage of unmarried women’s trust and worship of military career psychology, in the name of love and a number of victims of sexual relations, fabricated the matter to defraook property totalling 20,436 yuan.At present, the criminal suspect Liu mou has been yangzhou Hanjiang District procuratorate approval arrest.The police remind online friends to be cautious, do not believe in netizens’ rhetoric, especially when it comes to money, personal information and other sensitive matters to be vigilant, cautious decision, please be alert to the “sweet trap”, do not regard criminals as “prince charming”!