Execution of interest tax evasion procuratorate to supervise

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Our report (reporter Zhang Xingmin correspondent Zhang Yuchi Wang Yu Xin) “I afternoon to pay taxes, the country to help me to the money back, I will not rely on the country’s money, the original really do not understand this but also tax, to you trouble.”Recently, received bin County tax staff members in Heilongjiang Province to urge the execution of the interest part of the income tax notice, the implementation of the application readily agreed.The procuratorial department of public interest litigation of Bin County Procuratorate found in its work that after the execution of the judgment of loan contract dispute cases, the interest part needs to pay tax, but in practice, the problem of supplementary payment or incomplete payment is prominent, causing losses to the national interests.Therefore, the court immediately communicated with the tax department and learned that the information base of the private loan case was large, and it was difficult for the tax department to inquire and obtain information after the execution of the case, which had been a “blank” point before.In view of this, bin County prosecutors repeatedly referred to the court execution files, and took the initiative to contact the county court, county tax bureau related personnel, three parties to discuss the solution, to restore the national property loss.On February 24, the court held a joint hearing on the issue, attended by representatives of the county tax department, the court, the county people’s Congress, and members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.After the meeting, the court made suggestions to the county Tax Bureau, and jointly issued the Opinions on the Establishment of “Collection and Management of Individual Income Tax on Interest Income of Loan Contract Dispute Cases” in cooperation with the county court and the county Tax Bureau, forming a formal standard and operating process.After verification by the county tax department, the county court handled three cases of disputes over loan contracts in 2021, and the three who received the execution money did not pay individual income tax as required by law, and the tax is expected to be 22,466 yuan.Tax department staff one by one call notice to pay taxes, the implementation of the application per capita support.Source: Procuratorial Daily