Guangdong Ping Village to promote the construction of the Qinling mountains and rivers

2022-08-03 0 By

In order to comprehensively improve the quality of rural life, since this year, Guangdong Ping Village, Beikuanping Town, Shangzhou District, has continued to promote the rural construction of the Qinling Mountains, and strive to build an ecological livable home.Guangdong ping village with a demonstration site to point with surface, the whole advancement of rural living environment renovation work, party members and cadres first do a good job in their own living environment, to the masses, with the villagers do, form person for home and home andpromote point, to the point and the radiation impetus function, improve the enthusiasm of villagers to participate in environment regulation.Through the rectification of enclosure for planting vegetables, clutter, building chicken pens, sewage direct drainage and other activities affecting the appearance of the village, to improve the quality of rural living environment upgrade obstacles, improve the quality of rural living environment level.Further implementation of the “river chief system” work requirements, to ensure smooth flow of river ditches, cleaning up silt, weeds, as well as construction waste, household garbage, river ditches disorderly conditions have been further improved.Set up the awareness that the household road belongs to public resources, strictly prohibit the household road to occupy each other, use for other purposes, clean regularly, keep clean, joint management and care.Carry out “3 small garden” (small garden, small orchard, small vegetable garden) construction, firewood is at the mercy of reasonable, pile up orderly, combine domestic space layout, plant the flowers and plants that suit trees, play the part of beautiful human settlement environment, adjust domestic atmosphere.Clean the toilet thoroughly, clean the toilet frequently, ventilate frequently, disinfect frequently, avoid bacteria breeding, prevent all kinds of diseases in a clean and tidy environment, cooperate with the toilet renovation work.Clean up the river of weeds, collecting garbage, field to rural environment clean and tidy, clean and tidy, production process, the overall effect of agricultural facilities beautiful new style and features of urban and rural environment, improve rural clean, ecological and landscape level, comprehensive cleaning discarded in the fields of straw, agricultural, agricultural inputs into packaging, such as agricultural waste,Thoroughly change the rural “dirty, messy and poor” phenomenon.At present, through the leadership of the Party branch, party members take the lead, party-mass linkage, Guangdong Ping launched a total of 29 party members with labor ability, the masses of 80 people to clean up “three piles of six chaos” 41, 2 tons of household garbage, rivers, ditches more than 200 meters.(Correspondent Peng Jianwen)