Qibao City in Chengdu December City: Jade bowl amber Light 7

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7 “The night is getting late. You must go home and rest.”After the warmth, Jiang Nan felt a dry heat on the body, she gently pushed le Zhang, and then with the hand fan cool wind, soft voice whispered.Le Zhang leaned in front of Jiang Nan again, holding her arms with both hands, staring into her eyes and laughing, “If I can be with you all the time, it will be great.”Jiang Nan smiled slightly, don’t head to one side, away from those peach blossom eyes: “the coming days are long, what are you so anxious to do!””I was afraid…I am afraid that a fairy like you will return to Heaven tomorrow and never see me again. It makes me miss death.”Le Zhang child like head buried into Jiangnan knee, reluctant to leave.”Well, you’ve been tired all day. Go home and rest. See you tomorrow.”Jiang Nan pushed the lezhang in her arms: “Look, if you don’t go, MY candle will soon burn out, and we will talk in the dark.”Le Zhang got up and reluctantly went back to his room.See him one step three turn back to leave, Jiang Nan and how to give up?She was twenty years old, and now she had tasted love. How could she not be sweet and happy?Jiang Nan lying in bed, with great interest to plan two people in the future — after they are together, nothing more than le Zhang to Chengdu as an official, or Jiang Nan with him to Chang ‘an two choices.Chengdu she had been accustomed to, Chang ‘an is her ancestral home, no matter which kind of choice, as long as le Zhang together, Jiang Nan are happy.Shangguan Junqing left two people live a few days, until jiangnan foot injury improved.Although the scene of that night makes his heart plug, top guan Jun qing still maintains grace, to the care of 2 people as before.He was gentle and self-healing, always able to rescue himself from pain just in time.Look at nan er and le Camphor ogling, although he is not happy, but comfort oneself already have Xie Chunniang, nan er side should have someone to take care of.However, he had also heard about the situation of le Zhang in Chang ‘an in recent years. He had already married the youngest daughter of the minister of Rites and had children with her. Did Nan ‘er know this?Or did she already know and just didn’t care?One day, shangguan Jun qing see le Zhang is not, close jiangnan’s door, will tell the truth.”Nan ‘er, do you know le Zhang has been married in Chang ‘an?”Shangguan Junqing stood in front of Jiangnan, bent over and asked her.Jiang Nan very surprised, shangguan Junqing how to know two people?Looking at his serious manner, Jiang Nan gently shook her head: “He never said.””That today I tell you the truth, you prepare next what?”Shangguan Jun qing looked at the door, eagerly looked at Jiang Nan, and so on her answer.”Han Zhi did not say, I want to ask him after again.”Mention “han zhi” two words, Jiang Nan mouth up, smile.Shangguan Jun qing know Jiangnan always lofty, will not want to do other people’s concubine room, however, has been told le Zhang family, Jiangnan still a happy appearance, is really unexpected.Shangguan Junqing also want to remind two sentences, do not want le Zhang to push the door to come in, had to stop.