Folk question and answer from table tennis member league

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Q & A from table tennis league?What will happen to the 2022 and 2021 member leagues?B: Basically no major changes, just small ones.1. Cancel amateur Group competition;2. The best of three sets system is adopted for all groups of team and singles.?How to register as a member of China Table Tennis Association?: I have been receiving feedback from all the earth friends of the country that I could not register as a member of the Chinese Table Tennis Association. After contacting and consulting the Chinese Table Tennis Association, the reply is as follows: now this membership registration system does not recognize some id card numbers. The Chinese Table Tennis Association is developing a new system with Zhejiang University.If you can not register now, you can not register first, China Table Tennis Association should launch a new member management and service online system in March and April.After the announcement of the supplementary notice, you can register first and then register after the new system comes out.?Registered member before, but forgot password, how to retrieve?Contact registration technical support phone: 010-67171178?Are previous registrations valid?: effectively.?What does open and amateur mean? How do amateurs choose?: Open group is the original member league singles, amateur group is a new event, this year there is no amateur group, but there are 4 options on the registration form, click on whether to participate in the single column, you can see there are 4 options: no, open group, amateur group, open group and amateur group, you choose: open group.?What position can you get in the finals?: the top three clubs or the top eight singles will be qualified to participate in the finals. All the athletes who are qualified for the finals can register for the singles competition.?Which winners can apply for amateur?The champion of each division of member league, team and singles can apply to Chinese Table Tennis Association for the title of Amateur Athlete.Other rankings can apply for the corresponding titles of amateur athletes according to relevant regulations.?How to apply for amateur master?: Used to be in the national ping-pong net application, not long ago the national ping-pong net closed, soon opened again, but not normal.The Chinese Table Tennis Association is working with Zhejiang University to develop a new system.China Table Tennis association should launch a new online system of membership management and service in March and April, please wait patiently.?There are three players in the first member league, can we add more players in the future?: Yes, if the player has not played in a league with another team.?A team enrolled 5 players and ranked top 3 in the first member league. Can the 2 players who did not play participate in the final?: I think so.?Can an athlete who has won a team championship in a division get an amateur certificate?: Amateur master class regulations have regulations on the playing rate and winning rate, theoretically not, but in practice how to count the playing rate and winning rate is worth discussing.?What do member league points mean?: Please read the implementation rules and standards of China Table Tennis Association national Fitness Competition Points ranking (trial).The 2022 member league regulations always feel unsatisfactory provisions, how to understand?The Member League of China Table Tennis Association is one of the national fitness events of Table tennis sponsored by China Table Tennis Association. It was founded in 2007 and has entered its 16th year this year.16 years, for the most part member league footprints all over the country provinces and cities, all except Tibet autonomous region covering mainland provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, Chinese table tennis amateur in the competition has become the most influential, the radiation degree is the most popular events, at the same time also has become the most popular general table tennis enthusiasts like a traditional event.No table tennis rules are perfect and everyone is satisfied. Amateurs should adapt to the rules and respect them rather than challenge them. Of course, they can put forward suggestions for revision through various channels, but this requires a complicated process.Table tennis competition one after another, the competition rules are not the same, we should focus on participation, enjoy the process of table tennis competition, enjoy the happiness brought to us by table tennis competition.Tangle regret is not as good as happy-go-lucky, encounter not, learn to see light, learn to let go, calm their own state of mind, everything is the best arrangement.The spirit of national basketball is to climb to the summit bravely and indomitably.Table tennis people’s initial heart is indomitable struggle, all the way forward.(By February 5, 2022, according to the questions of the players, the xinjiang players yunzhan Yunshu collated, folk replies, only for the reference of the players)