“Longshang Review” do a good job of spring ploughing preparation for solid harvest foundation

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With the footsteps of spring, all parts of our province have begun to prepare for spring tillage. All parts should seize the time of farming, make early arrangements, plan early and implement early, and fight the “first battle” of agricultural production.Grain is safe and agriculture is stable.Spring ploughing preparation work is an important prerequisite for grain harvest.Last year, the provincial grain output hit a record high, firmly stabilizing the “ballast stone” of food security.At the same time, we will implement the strategy of “storing grain on land and storing grain in technology”, stabilize the area sown to grain, adjust and optimize the grain mix, promote the development of high-standard farmland, and vigorously double the number of modern Silk Road cold and drought agriculture industries in three years, thus continuously laying a solid foundation for food security.A year’s plan begins in spring.Spring ploughing preparation work is related to the opening battle of agricultural harvest.All government departments at all levels should earnestly fulfill the responsibilities of the Party and the government for food security, promptly solve the prominent problems restricting spring ploughing production, ensure the supply of agricultural supplies, stabilize their prices, and weave a tight agricultural insurance safety net, so as to give agricultural cooperatives and large grain growers confidence.At the same time, we will optimize and adjust the structure of agricultural production, raise the level of innovation in agricultural science and technology, and vigorously promote agricultural mechanization, so that farmers can cultivate their fields scientifically and easily, and make agricultural production more high-quality and greener.Land and seed are the material basis of agricultural production.To do a good job of preparing for spring ploughing, we must stabilize the area sown to grain and carry out a campaign to revitalize the seed industry.Local governments should strengthen the protection of cultivated land and the development of high-standard farmland, implement hard measures to protect cultivated land, and resolutely curb the conversion of cultivated land into non-agricultural land.We must strictly control seed quality, ensure seed quality and safety, and effectively ensure the supply of improved seeds.At the same time, my province seed industry has the advantage in the whole country, want to increase production and promotion efforts, polish the golden character signboard of gansu characteristic fine seed.Our province has a vast territory and a large climate difference between the north and the south.Do a good job of spring ploughing preparation, do a good job of agricultural production, not to miss the time of farming, but also to classify and partition, really do fine and solid work.Local governments should proceed from their actual conditions, follow the law of crop growth, and conduct field management, supply of agricultural materials, and control of diseases and insects in the spring according to their agricultural activities at different times of the year, as well as prepare for extreme weather, so as to ensure the smooth operation of spring ploughing preparations.”Sow a grain of millet in spring, harvest ten thousand children in autumn.”The spring ploughing preparation work will be done effectively and orderly, and the agricultural production of the province will get a good start and a good step. The harvest vision will be expected in Longyuan.Source: Gansu Daily, new Gansu client editor: Li Dan