The Roewe i6MAX was born to be more than big

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Roewe I6 MAX purchase enjoy trench gift: cash gift: 3000 purchase tax subsidy service guarantee gift: lifelong original vehicle quality assurance, lifelong free basic maintenance, lifelong free basic flow.Financial gift: enjoy 0 interest for 3 years (low down payment 0 interest for 3 years is not enjoyed at the same time with the increase and purchase policy) Increase and purchase: up to 6000 yuan increase and purchase subsidy (not enjoyed at the same time with low down payment 0 interest for 3 years) Partner special gift: Roewe owners recommend to buy this model enjoy 50000APP points/set, recommenees enjoy 20000APP points/set other:Exclusive VIP car service team Roewe I6 MAX four MAX: appearance level MAX: beyond black technology aesthetics, to create beyond aesthetic feeling;1835mm the widest body in class, not just big, 3m?Super panoramic sky, survey the beauty of the stars and rivers.Zhijia MAX: High-performance Mediatek five-core chip, seamless access to massive Internet service ecology, check violations, check flights, check stocks “everything”.Annual inspections, movie theaters, discounts — you name it.More RDA rear driver assistance system, for your safety escort.Performance MAX: i6 MAX adopts 300TGI high-efficiency engine comparable to BMW X5 B58 engine and Falalispan > SF90 3.9TV8 engine. The 7-speed DCT3.0 gearbox has an ultra-high efficiency of 97% and a comprehensive efficiency of 92.5%, allowing you to drive briskly, economically and confidently.Quality MAX: Roewe i6MAX adopts Michelin high-end silent tire PRIMACY 3ST, double silent glass and multiple acoustic packages to solve the problem from the way of noise transmission.Efficient mobile phone wireless charging: take and put freely, brake sharply, can not fly.The vehicle adopts USD reinforced cage type high strength structure body, which wraps the driver and passenger in the steel structure center, allowing you to drive more safely.Valued customers, buy i6 MAX now enjoy 3 years of low down payment 0 interest.The event will run from February 14, 2022 to February 28, 2022