In state-owned enterprises, leaders should keep in mind 8 points of focus

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First, in a state-owned enterprise, we must understand the eight concerns of leaders. 1. To achieve a breakthrough in performance during the term of office, all those who can achieve performance should be realized.2, not to consider profit maximization, but can confirm the profit of the project priority promotion, priority confirmation.3, the loss of the project, do not rush to reflect in the financial statements, through some operations, delayed confirmation of loss.4. Focus on promoting the projects concerned by superior leaders, and coordinate all kinds of difficulties with heart. There is no saying that it is impossible to complete.Things that are not easy to produce value, can be dragged, can be pushed, or let the people you don’t like to chew the bone, it is called: entrusted with responsibility.6, always care about the latest trends of superior leaders, often to report work, timely loyalty.For the private affairs explained by the superior, try all means to achieve it, such as arranging the employment of some relatives, promoting some personnel.8. Squeeze as much value as possible for subordinates, seek for their own interests, vigorously promote legitimate subordinates, and strike competitors’ subordinates.In state-owned enterprises, only by mastering the concerns of leaders and taking appropriate measures can they gain the favor of leaders and avoid the trap set by leaders.Two, in the state-owned enterprise, in the face of the leader’s renege, how to do?Here are 12 tips to keep in mind: 1. Don’t expose him, or you’ll make him angry.Maybe you’re outwardly winning, but secretly you’re ready to lead the storm that’s being prepared for you.Since can’t expose, must learn to repair according to his latest instructions.Let the results speak for themselves and avoid explaining in anger.With practical action, it is easy to win the respect of leaders.3, of course, the surface of the loss is ok, but it is best to save the loss, private do not lose.The best way to achieve this is to find the right moment (when the leader was relatively happy) after the perfect execution of the leader’s latest decision, and secretly laugh at yourself when you misheard the leader’s instructions.Being a smart leader is also the result of knowing that you changed your mind.See through not say, but use the crisis to change the predicament.This can not only realize the will of the leader, but also let the leader look at you highly, and let him know that he owes you a favor.In fact, leaders pay attention to balance, employees do things, they will see.They are sometimes at the mercy of other leaders, at the mercy of the situation, and can’t work to your advantage.But trust me, good leaders will help you find the right opportunities to compensate you so you don’t lose out.6. Therefore, when you are done, do not complain, or your efforts will be meaningless.Wise people, all know that silence is gold, silently observe the leadership.If a leader is willing to stand up for you, it’s definitely worth following.In the face of different decisions made by leaders, learn to deal with them reasonably.The way of dealing with different employees determines the essence of a leader’s view of the employee and his judgment on whether the employee is worth cultivating.In the workplace, the mentality must be better.No matter whether the leader takes care of you in the future, you must be cautious in words and deeds and do not complain too much, otherwise you will only suffer more and more losses.Of course, blindly silence is not desirable.Since you have paid, you should know how to fight for your own interests.To strive for must pay attention to the method, can not be hard, but to know how to detour, know how to use some means.Fight for the method can be in the results, appropriate “cry”.I look forward to further training myself and making further contributions to the company.Or when the leader is very happy, appropriately wordy, failed to live up to the expectations of the leader in recent years, in a disguised way to express the will to rise.The adverse environment into the favorable environment, this must be carefully to think, intentions to drill.Life consists not in holding good cards, but in learning to play well those you hold, both good and bad.Leaders pay attention to face, they will not easily admit mistakes.Therefore, we must create steps for the leader, or vague words, change the subject, it is better to admit mistakes in person, end the dispute.Under eaves, people must know how to put themselves in the leadership to think, so that the leadership to avoid losing face.If you can solve these problems, you have a good chance of getting promoted.Three, in the state-owned enterprise, all colleagues, are not worth your emotional.Many people are very honest, see the injustice, willing to stand up for colleagues, but in the end, the problem is their own loss.Colleagues may thank you for speaking out, but they dare not speak out to defend you on the surface. Even after the leaders speak out, they will step on you. Don’t believe it.3, many colleagues are competitors, they want you to make mistakes, want you to be alienated by the leadership, want you to fall into the pit, so they may have pit to occupy.People across the belly, although you help others attentively, even beyond the rules of special things, but in the end are you carry the pot, they are none of their business.In the workplace, people are not there to make friends, they are there to make money to support their families, so you don’t need to compromise yourself everywhere, let yourself compromise, hope to win the approval of others.6. Instead of spending so much time trying to impress your colleagues, focus on getting approval from your boss, which might be highly rewarding.The facts of history tell us, know us the most, is to go with us the nearest people.So why put yourself in danger, walking on eggshells.Do things have a bottom line, keep a distance from other colleagues, don’t worry about others’ preferences, as long as you know how to improve themselves, their own strong, which dare to close?More state-owned enterprise job dry goods, you can pay attention to @job true meaning .After 17 years of working in a state-owned enterprise, xiaobian has experienced 8 changes of leaders and ups and downs. 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