Life trajectory: breeding, accumulation, pressure, eruption, publicity and rest

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If a person is only “his own little universe”, then his small, fragile and short life course must conform to the laws of the infinite universe “outside of himself”.Although the “infinite universe” does not seem to us to have a “life form” as beautiful as ours, as life on Earth began to appear;In fact, living things and forms and their energies and rhythms are everywhere.”Breeding, accumulation, pressure, eruption, publicity and rest” — this group of “words” may refer to the “running process” of human’s general life energy, or can be seen as the “rough track” of individual’s life course.In the meantime, nature also accompanies and carries other complex and diverse content forms of “life consciousness”.Birth means “the opening of the perception of life”, through the gorgeous blossom of flowers and fruits, until the end of withered and “closed”.Although the comings and goings of individual life on the earth should be in accordance with the natural rhythm, or beautiful joy, or dim pain, or passionate, or unknown, but the rhythm of group life is a grand view, become a small earth beautiful scenery, continuous, shining.This is true not only of man, but also of the life forms of other creatures, and of all things that come and go.”Life” in the world (in strict accordance with the “holographic” genome evolution and genetic rules of life), so the “cycle” spawn such “life is movement”, emerge folding saw, layer, the outline and make a colorful picture of heavy and complicated, the course of human life to make people stop, difficult to leave, so just for the end of heart,Trying to highlight their “charm of life.”In general, therefore, we care more about our place and active state in the “picture of the human process of life”;This is also the result of individual “life consciousness”, especially the desire to manifest “life driving force”;In other words, it is the best explanation of “human selfishness”.Generally speaking, each of us will try our best to show our “charm of life” at each node and stage of our “life course”. It may not be easy to win others’ favor, praise or longing.After all, in many cases, “too much time;Let alone anyone else “?Usually, more individuals may have to be anonymous or even withered, annihilated into the turbulent flow of the vast sea of humanity.In this regard, the history of human society has already revealed the mystery to “us”, unfortunately, many people are still stubbornly, still in the “struggle”;After all, you don’t want to lose your life.Exaggerated models and we are born in today’s era, is undoubtedly lucky, because, after all, we meet The Times of great changes.Accordingly, everyone can make a difference according to their own conditions. Although the problems and challenges we face are unprecedented, the environment of The Times also provides and creates unprecedented convenience for us.Of course, no matter how good The Times are, if you don’t make active efforts to struggle, then your life will lose meaning and value, bleak, and even worse than some people in the old times;If that’s true, wouldn’t it be negative for the environment of this era and negative for the great years of your life?In fact, if we want to make a difference, we must correctly face their own many problems, and actively overcome and change, to adapt to the needs of the new situation;Otherwise, no one will be able to make a difference because of old habits, stereotypes, or merely “subjective” or pitiful “empirical” behavior.So, of course, the challenge of how or how to “change and renew myself” is “quite severe”.As for the “content” of change and update or even remodeling (for example, one’s own health condition and even future physical function, especially nature, endowment, mind, emotion, thought and spirit, as well as adaptability, matching ability, behavior ability and so on), it varies from person to person.However, at present, most of us are still “the same”, especially in terms of “intelligence or physical function”, which cannot be fundamentally changed or broken through.That is to say, our way of doing things must, of course, rely on the better things we have accumulated before.In other words, we cannot separate history from its experience, but must ensure the continuity of human history and, in particular, the meaning of human existence.For now, at least, food must be eaten mouthful by mouthful, and the road must be taken step by step.Besides, a person’s circumstances have changed in every way.Flowers are “breeding, accumulation, pressure, eruption, publicity and rest”, which is also the basic path and track of an individual’s life energy.Perhaps because, until now, the evolution, inheritance and mutations (including benign ones) of our human “core genome” have evolved slowly, randomly and steadily — the way our own biological and physiological evolution works.As for future technologies (biotechnology, gene editing or human enhancement, human-machine symbiosis and doppelgangers, etc.), despite their “good intentions” and “brilliant visions,” there is still a long way to go to improve, reshape or even “overturn” the human body on a large scale.Although today, in the age of globalization, the trend of people’s lifestyles, global mobility and other unnatural activities cannot be stopped.That is, as we strive to change the environment and the way we live, or the meaning and value of our lives, we are also changing our bodies and human evolution.But having a predictable future doesn’t mean hating and abandoning much of the present;Of course, getting rid of bad and harmful things is another matter.Ancient Blue Cloud 2022.1.26. 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