Ningbo made it clear: These people can expect to get the HPV vaccine for free

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In response to netizens’ questions, the Health commission of Zhejiang province said that Ningbo, focusing on the comprehensive prevention and treatment of cervical cancer, has promoted the implementation of comprehensive prevention and treatment strategies in the pilot area (Yinzhou District) to provide free HPV vaccination to the appropriate age group.With the gradual improvement of the level of economic and social development, we cannot rule out the implementation of free vaccination throughout the province in the future.According to relevant documents, the pilot work will comprehensively promote the implementation of comprehensive prevention and control strategies for cervical cancer in the pilot areas, realize the comprehensive integration and overall implementation of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, improve the efficiency of resource use, and strive to achieve the following among the permanent population in the pilot areas:The coverage rate of HPV vaccination among girls before the age of 15 and cervical cancer screening among women between 35 and 45 has reached more than 70%. The standard treatment rate of patients with cervical cancer and precancerous lesions has reached more than 90%, and the goal of eliminating the incidence of cervical cancer is finally achieved.Cervical cancer is a high incidence of female malignant tumor, is recognized worldwide as a threat to women’s health of the main “killer”, ranked the world’s fourth female cancer incidence and mortality, morbidity and mortality in China is gradually increasing and younger trend.Cervical cancer is the only cancer that can be prevented and controlled due to the persistent infection of high-risk HPV virus.HPV vaccination is one of the effective measures to prevent cervical cancer.The World Health Organization (WHO), in its position paper on cervical cancer, highlights the importance of vaccination for disease prevention;The Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer also identified three key measures to eliminate cervical cancer: vaccination, screening and treatment, and set the target of 90% of girls being vaccinated against HPV by the age of 15 by 2030.China will fully support the Global Strategy to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer proposed by the World Health Organization, the National Health Commission said earlier.By 2030, 90% of girls around the world will have been vaccinated against HPV by the age of 15, according to the Strategy, which promotes the global goal of eliminating cervical cancer through the three-tier approach of vaccination, screening and treatment.The World Health Organization recommends that the best age for HPV vaccination is 9 to 14 years old, while the National Health Commission recommends that girls aged 13 to 15 years old be the primary target group for HPV vaccination in accordance with China’s national conditions.Yinzhou District health bureau learned that the measure is being actively promoted.S source | taught in zhejiang province