University of Malaya won the Chinese Debate competition

2022-08-05 0 By

China News Network Kuala Lumpur on March 27 (reporter Chen Yue)The debate team of the University of Malaya defeated the debate team of Hebei University to win the championship and the debate team of Beijing Foreign Studies University won the third place in the first Sino-Malaysian University Chinese Debate Competition held on 27th.Hosted by Hainan Normal University, Century University of Malaysia, and Confucius Institute of Century University of Malaysia, and co-organized by Confucius Institute of University of Malaya, Confucius Institute of University of Pahang, Confucius Institute of University of Sabah, And Confucius Institute of University of Science and Technology of Sarawak, the Competition was held online by a total of 10 Chinese and Malaysian universities.The competition was actively participated by the young students from Both China and Malaysia. The students from the University of Malaya said that after more than four months of training and competition, the high school students from Malaysia and China had formed a deep friendship.Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Ouyang Yujing attended the award ceremony held online after the race.Ouyang yujing said that the young Chinese and Malaysian students actively displayed the national image of the two countries, earnestly communicated cultural ideas and constantly eliminated misunderstandings and prejudices in the competition, making contributions to building a bridge of friendship between the two peoples.Ouyang yujing said that although the competition is over, the platform for constructive dialogue between Chinese and Malaysian youth will not be interrupted and the Chinese Embassy will continue to support and encourage them to carry out various activities in the future.Qiu Meilan, president of Century University, also said that the competition was a pioneering initiative that promoted knowledge and cultural exchanges between young and middle-aged Malaysians and strengthened the relationship between the two peoples.Guo Jianchun, president of Hainan Normal University, also said that Hainan Normal University has been actively promoting the international promotion of Chinese.Future will join other universities, further perfect competition model, expand the influence, let more and more colleges and universities and students to participate in the debate in Chinese feast, efforts to forge a Malaysian Chinese cultural card will debate, for bilateral youth build communication platform and show the best of talent stage.Source: