Zhao Zhou “Bake Berlin fire” funny words

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On the 10th day of the first lunar month every year, Yang Guifang’s hometown zhaozhou traditional “Bake Berlin fire” day!Of course, in recent years, the country has banned burlingerfires for ecological reasons, but the interesting customs and memories of burlingerfires remain in my mind forever.The Berlin Fire, or “the Lion Fire” in my old country!As for the reason why it is called Berlin Fire, it is because when people warm themselves, they will put cypress branches and pine branches into the fire, taking the meaning of evergreen pine and cypress, praying for family happiness and good fortune for a long time, and the elderly health and longevity.But why is called lion fire, that I really do not know, perhaps because of its burning shape fierce dazzling, imposing manner, so called “lion”.Of course, this is also my presumptuous conjecture, as to the real meaning, asked the old man, there is no specific point!Used to think that the people of the whole country this day are in the fire, after learning from a friend, the original is not so, some provinces and cities are the fifteenth day of the first month, some are the sixteenth day, some are twenty, there are twenty-five, is the old saying: “ten li different days, a hundred li different custom” ah!One in the winter, families began to pay attention to, don’t use the old things, broken broom, plus a harvest autumn crops of corn stalk, cotton stalk, peanut vines, yellow haulm, branches, such as storage, to return to the corners, all neatly pattern, and the hills, qing let them play a waste heat in the 10th day, gorgeous blossom.Cypress, preparation of pine trees in the city, because the county is known for its “Berlin of Buddha, planted a lot of cedar, pine tree, in the temple incense at ordinary times is very strong, presided over the temple JingHui teacher, is a fix for the extremely big monk, very accommodating, common people to pick up, usually” branch and carrying “, but most have to conifers two or three teams, otherwise, you know,This Berlin zen temple is afraid only “zen temple”.Cotton stalks, corn stalks, soybean stalks and other raw materials in the countryside is also good, the county is not blessed with this condition, only cypress, pine branches add some branches, mixed with some weeds, fallen leaves, the fire, no natural village of prosperity!Finally, on the evening of the 10th day of the first lunar month, there was a pile of “raw materials” at the door of every city and village.Of course, the village should be called “a pile”, look far, row by row, that scene, now think of quite spectacular!After dinner, the sky is dark, families of men, women and children file out, began to light the “lion fire”, instant fire will reflect the red sky, more red a happy smiling face.Hands, feet, arms and legs are on fire to bake a roast, and then reverse the body, back, butt, body roast all over, the old man will also roast while singing: “roast leg, leg does not hurt, roast back, back does not hurt, children roast not urine kang, adults roast sleep sweet.Baked bun (steamed bun), baked pancake, baked ass not toothache “!Ha ha ha, this more do not know what reason!This is the time when the children are most happy, because in their eyes, this kind of family “play” is really not many opportunities.Sometimes, to the height, the interest is thick, but the raw material is in jeopardy, home naughty children (including four elder sister and me), while adults front-around chat with a neighbor, is nearby, also regardless of their neighbor’s woodpile, the cooking fires burning firewood is thrown into the fire, neighbor discovery also chasing the symbolic scold a few words of “mixed boy smelly wenches,Break both of your legs again “, but also not really angry, just pretend to be just!At the end of the baking, the old man would put the steamed bread and pancake (called pancake fold in the west of the city) on the fire and bake them. The whole family would share the food. At this time, mother would put the pancake with bean curd and cabbage stuffing in it, and the baked taste was very good.According to the old man, eat baked things, hit ten hammer (sound meaning, the mother explained is said to treat children accumulate food, there is no scientific basis, really do not know), not all diseases, although a bit exaggerated, but also expressed people a simple good wishes!At this time the family around the fire, gossiping, eating scorched steamed buns, pancakes, talking and laughing, very warm!Sometimes it’s not all about the fire, but the warm, warm atmosphere!There is also a saying in our hometown, that is, whose fire baked more prosperous, the longer, whose day across the prosperous.So every day to the tenth, lion fire will roast until very late.In addition, there is another custom here on the 10th day of the first lunar month, that is, making dumplings at night. In my hometown, making dumplings is called making dumplings. According to folklore, the 10th day of the first lunar month is the day when a mouse marries.On this day, the elderly will tease the children by saying that they will hear the suona (Trumpet) sound of a mouse marrying a daughter-in-law while squatting in the corner with sheep dung in their mouths at night. This is of course a joke with the children, but there are really “sincere” bear children actually to verify it!As a result, of course, in addition to the smell of sheep dung in his mouth, nothing was heard, a face of confusion, which made the adults laugh out of tears, but also from another side of the meaning of the people’s hope and wishes for the harvest of grain!Bake Berlin fire, make dumplings, so that the 10th day of the hometown do not have some interesting flavor!Perhaps this is the charm of folk it!Now my father and mother have passed away, the pancake with stuffing is no longer eaten, and the “Berlin Fire” has become a history, but the memories of the “Berlin Fire”, “pinching the mouse mouth” fun, those warm and beautiful days of home, will be engraved in the rings of time, with me all my life.On the evening of the 10th day, do you have the custom of cooking lion fire?## headlines ## Headline day #