After spring, how do chubby girls dress beautifully and look thin?

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After spring, how do chubby girls dress beautifully and look thin?Change the United States is always a girl’s most concerned about the topic, in addition to makeup, the most affect the level of appearance to wear.Especially the figure is not perfect enough girls, as long as the “local conditions” choose their own style can play a visual slimming effect, enhance temperament and fashion.So after the spring, how do small fat girls wear beautiful and thin?Check out blogger Dawanjiang’s outfit!Height 168cm, weight 65kg, slightly fat figure + ordinary appearance level, because of the good clothes to support the atmosphere of beauty, worth every ordinary girl to learn from.Analysis of the blogger’s body shape: Although the blogger is tall enough, because of the baby’s fat round face and weight of 130 pounds, the whole person still looks fleshy. Girls with this kind of body shape usually have a big skeleton and a little fat, and if they don’t pay attention to it, they will look broad and round. If you want to dress slimmer, you can start from the fabric and style.Sinewy items are preferred for slightly fat girls with large skeletons, which are usually accompanied by wide shoulders and thick backs. The most taboo is soft and snug fabrics, such as sweaters without sinewy bones, and oversize designs look dull and fat.This kind of suit jacket with appropriate shoulder line is very suitable to cover up the flesh to look thin, straight and straight with moderate tightness design, can decorate our shoulders, but also hide the “life ring”, with narrow-leg pants to look thin and temperament.Compared with the suit jacket, the perfume jacket is more delicate and feminine, especially the round collar design, which is very friendly to girls with a short neck. Even with a high neck bottom shirt, it can create a long neck, look neat and slim.Nevertheless coat of small sweet wind is the design that braid mostly, small fat girl should avoid the design with stronger feeling of soft nap, weave the effect that decorates to figure finer and closer is better.If you’re a chubby girl with thick legs, skirts are the best way to look slimming, but steer clear of chiffon and pleated skirts, which can easily be stretched to reveal a larger crotch.The suit skirt and woolen skirt with crisp fabrics have A good sense of texture, and the small A-word skirt with slightly spread out can better decorate the lines of legs.This half skirt that reaches the ankle just reveals the thinnest part, graceful show thin, more atmospheric.Color matching harmony, no truncation color matching is also an important part of high and thin. Many people only pay attention to the choice of a single product, and there are a lot of problems when combined together, which is also related to color matching.The most important is head end echo, it can avoid figure because of colorific break up appear truncate feeling.You can pick a primary color and run it up and down.For example, the coffee skirt here echoes the coffee pocket of the coat, and the echo of the details increases the overall sense.For fear of making mistakes, choose black and white, remember the proportion is not 55 minutes, you can let one of the colors accounted for more than a few, there are Lord have time to have a sense of hierarchy.Show skin appropriately, show thin double see a lot of small fat girls themselves wrapped tightly, think the clothes the bigger the more fat more show thin, the results instead more show strong.We can take a leaf out of this blogger’s book and achieve lightness and fashion through proper skin exposure.For example, this black top with irregular neckline, v-neck design reveals the beautiful collarbone, lengthen the neck to show the visual slimmer effect, but also to create romantic feminine.Although it is pure black, because the fold design becomes simple but not simple, more fashion sense!Small fat girls spring to wear a template, simple but good-looking!Thank you for watching to the end!It will be updated irregularly every day. If you want to know more fashion information, please remember to follow the cat. Welcome to like, comment and forward.Figure source network, if there is infringement please contact delete!