Beijing Municipal Education Commission has finally spoken out!Stop trying to force your kids to get vaccinated

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Glaciers contributing writer think tank | green willows over the last few days, “Beijing” in disguised forms students require compulsory vaccination of news on the Internet, high heat.On February 13th, the relevant person in charge of Beijing municipal education commission said, “recently, the network and the individual spread since the media platform of Beijing part of school and kindergarten students compulsory vaccination content, related work on misreading”, and “against mandatory vaccination or vaccination as children to attend school and kindergarten a prerequisite for normal education teaching activities,These include not being allowed to ask for ‘unvaccinated children cannot go to school’ and ‘unvaccinated children cannot go to school unless they submit nucleic acid test certificate every 48 hours’ “.So that sets the tone.What happens after that remains to be seen.This wave of public opinion is not small.Earlier, some parents began to report on the Internet, there are schools and kindergartens oral notice, do not vaccinate, children have to take nucleic acid every 48 hours.Nucleic acid every 48 hours, considering the length of nucleic acid testing, it is almost a day for children to test, this kind of trouble can be imagined.The compulsion in this method is already very explicit.It has been reported that some schools and teachers are secretly soft-talking parents, giving prizes to children who get vaccinated, and using a variety of tricks to “half encourage, half force” children to get vaccinated.If this kind of pressure parents can resist, then “48 hours of nucleic acid” this big move, basically the bottom line of parents to break through.As a result, parents have formed a huge voice, the comment section of Beijing Municipal Education Commission’s microblog has been completely “lost”, and parents’ response to the similar situation has reached the “peak” in the days approaching the beginning of the school year.When the public opinion, there will be relevant departments to refute rumors.That being the case, I’m afraid it will be difficult to eliminate public opinion soon.After all, the aggressive arrival of scale previously revealed a certain systematicness and rigidity in the execution of some schools.After a ban can stop, frankly speaking, parents are afraid that the heart is not bottom.02 disguised compulsory children vaccination, do not know how many times.An official from the Ministry of Education said in August last year that it was neither required nor appropriate to use vaccination, especially for parents and people living together, as a criterion for admission to schools.The Ministry of Education after understanding the relevant situation, also timely issued a reminder, requiring all regions to stop such a practice immediately.As for how minors can be vaccinated, the Regulations of the Ministry of Education are also clear: On the premise of guardians and students’ knowledge, consent and voluntary, eligible students under the age of 18 should be vaccinated in a step-by-step, steady and orderly manner according to local vaccination requirements.But on the Internet, you can always see places eager to break through these rules: some want to be vaccinated or not included in the integrity of the file, some issued a notice that no vaccination will not be allowed to go to school.After that, the public opinion continued to rebound, around the refutation of rumors, statements, clear.In short, it is the repeated seesaw of voices from different levels and groups.It is in this information space that there is an unspoken consensus that coercion must not be spoken of publicly, but that failure to vaccinate is doomed to “trouble” in some places.In fact, to this day, the children are not compulsory vaccination, has been almost countless popular science, including the biological characteristics of young children, a variety of possible allergies, rejection, other diseases and so on.This common sense is beyond doubt.The reality, however, is that some places are always testing the bottom line, as if they are conducting stress tests for parents, trying to squeeze the last bit of “vaccination rate” out of the room.That’s why, when the voices against mandatory vaccinations are heard, they sound familiar.This is indeed not the first time, but it is an irregularly occurring pattern of news.Nevertheless, it is important to reiterate that the consensus against compulsory vaccination, which is a matter of scientific spirit and fundamental rights, must not be blurred.It should be said that children represent all the vitality of Chinese families today.When it comes to children, the public tends to be unusually tense and intense.Compulsory vaccination, for example, has turned parents into experts, scouring the Internet for scientific evidence against it.And the Internet has also formed a vocal public opinion, parents group, on the Internet to express their views.In fact, a look on the Internet shows that of course people know the need to prevent and control the epidemic. Quite a number of people do not have any opinion about vaccination, but are very supportive of it.However, a specific child, there are always such and such circumstances, they have the right to choose of course.The family is the most direct and final protective shell of this natural right, so it is not difficult to understand why some parents are so excited, with a tragic sense of mission.Decisions should be made with great care when children are involved.If the domestic public opinion on many issues often appear confrontation and tear, but in the treatment of children is basically no doubt.”For children” is the biggest common divisor in the current Chinese Internet public opinion.Hopefully, this latest wave of statements will put a stop to the practice of compulsory vaccination in some localities and schools.Also hope can really take warning, do not appear similar things again, Chinese parents are not easy, do not let them repeatedly surprised on this issue.