Can Vinicius carry Brazil’s hopes for the future as Neymar turns 30 less than expected?

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With the return of Adama Traore to Barca, many of the media looked back on adama’s first barca experience, referring to the young Adama’s appearance as a substitute for the equally young Neymar.Back then, Adama was nothing like what he looks like today. He had none of the muscles he has today. He was lean and dapper.But if you take a closer look, isn’t neymar then very different from neymar now?The truth is that Neymar was no less impressive than Venicius is today, arriving in Europe at the age of 21, more mature and with more on-field performances to show for it than venicius, who joined Real Madrid at the age of 18.Omar was born in, is regarded as the ruler of the next football, he is entertaining play and unconstrained style, the popular new style, but today’s range omar in Europe has been in the past nine years, the maldives has turn 30, his team won the World Cup or not and any one of golden glory,The samba superstars he was supposed to be up against, ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario, Rivaldo and Kaka, were already successful at his age.Neymar’s 30 is not as good as we thought.In maldives now is still one of the most famous football player in the world, but he is from the “dream” in recent years more and more far is indisputable fact that the 2021 golden globe awards, the maldives ranked 16th, this season because of injury, his only a total of 14 appearances for Paris, data is 3 balls 3 assists.Mbappe has 20 goals and 13 assists, respectively.Neymar is showing his age, raising some concerns about his future.Robinho, who was born in 1984, has been out of action since October 2020, and his situation has been made worse by off-field incidents.Talent is important in football, but it takes discipline, hard work, career planning and luck to make a superstar.Brazil is the kingdom of football, which not only has the most suitable soil for the growth of stars, but also the cradle of the world’s top stars.However, the last time Brazil won the World Cup was 20 years ago, when ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho combined into the “three R” to create the “five Star Brazil”.The power of the “3R” is still well remembered. Ronaldo rose from the ashes after a major injury, rivaldo was crowned World Player of the Year, and ronaldinho, then 22, rose through the ranks after the World Cup, playing like a devil for Barcelona.It’s a shame, though, that after the “3RS”, even though Brazil still produced stars like Kaka, Adriano and Robinho, they were not able to help Brazil rise to the top again.In summing up the reasons for Brazil’s stars’ failure to live up to expectations, many cite the “lack of discipline” that makes it difficult to maintain form.Brazilians are uninhibited, and young, handsome and rich footballers find it hard to maintain discipline when they become famous.The examples of Adriano and Robinho are deplorable. In the past, Adriano’s powerful shots were once hard to replicate, while Robinho was seen by Real Madrid as a future leader, a talented player who could compete with Messi.But their light was as fleeting as a meteor, and the speed with which they fell was beyond imagination.Neymar had higher expectations than Adriano and Robinho when he started out.But the move to Paris didn’t bring Neymar any closer to winning the Champions League and ballon d ‘Or, and injuries, fights and falls have weighed on his feet.There are fewer memorable shots of Neymar on the pitch than there were a few years ago, the stunningly technical moves of neymar’s youth are bound to struggle with age, and neymar’s own decisiveness in front of goal has not improved much.Look at young Kylian Mbappe. His technical moves are not as flashy as Neymar’s, but Mbappe tends to change the game in a more direct way, scoring goals.The last Brazilian player of the Year and ballon d ‘Or winner was Kaka in 2007, and it may seem hard for Brazilian football to accept that no other Brazilian has won either award since then.Vinicius has been mentioned this season as one of the most promising young players in the world after his impressive performances in the copa America last season.Compared with the likes of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Neymar, Venicius’ career trajectory is a bit different. He was bought by Real Madrid early in his career and was trained in the real team. Compared with the samba predecessors, Venicius has more traces of “Made in Europe”.This situation is rare before, but it is a natural trend in today’s world football environment.Early exposure to European football and early adaptation to big clubs may have made it more difficult for Vinicius to arrive in Europe at first, but when vinicius got through these difficulties, he emerged with amazing energy.This is a completely different road with the previous, Qatar World Cup stage may be vinicius “touchstone”, then placed in front of the problem comes, how to let under 22 years old but outstanding vinicius to find as soon as possible in the Brazilian team positioning?How to deal with the intergenerational relationship between vinicius and Neymar?Neymar, 30, is still available, but many believe the selecao will struggle to make a breakthrough in Qatar if Brazil do not bring in fresh blood.Vinicius is off to a good start, but can he carry the hopes of Brazilian football in the future, approaching or even surpassing those great predecessors?For Brazilian football, what the national team can achieve will largely depend on how high their number one star can reach.(Bench press /Santiago-Wang)