Hot track fell more than 170 active equity funds fell more than 20%

2022-08-06 0 By

A-shares had their worst start to the year in 2022, essentially continuing their downward trend from mid-to-late November 2021.Affected by the fall in the stock market, the net value of the fund was heavily depressed.Since the beginning of the year, there have been 170 active equity funds (including common stock fund, partial stock hybrid fund, flexible allocation fund, balanced hybrid fund) net value fell more than 20%, among which the pharmaceutical, military theme fund led the decline, and some highly concentrated positions of the “track” fund.According to the industry, theme investment is like a “double-edged sword”, because the investment industry concentration is higher, the inclusiveness of the market pattern is relatively weak, compared with ordinary actively managed funds, theme fund performance fluctuations will be greater.For investors, in the medium and long term, balanced funds with better investment ability of fund managers should still be the core allocation, while matching some high-quality theme products.(China Fund News)