She stared at the bankrupt villain and began to tremble: Can I support you?

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Everybody is good, as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo, thank you for your support and encouragement!She stared at the bankrupt villain and began to tremble: Can I support you?# Refuse book shortage # the first book: “quick wear guide, disease Jiao big guy begged to pass” author: September small micro introduction: be attacked from the president – zombie – eunuch – king……Su Mei shocked, from modern to ancient, incredibly still eunuch.White lotus flower, cheating and playing with women’s feelings of the man, to her here all is not a matter, but this zombie, eunuch, how she should attack.President big pig’s feet do not love female, into the pit guide: Su Yue heard Gu Shu’s words, she looked in the past some surprise, the eyes of more is lost.See Gu Shu that gloomy look in the eyes, Yun Ye heart sink, he has not seen Gu Shu for a long time who show this kind of expression, or a woman, now Sue Mei is his fiancee, he can not let Gu Shu with Sue Mei between the corrected case, otherwise, Yue son, this much sad ah.Yun Ye will Su Mei embrace into the bosom, he smiled gently: “Shu, you worry too much, Mei er just casually ask, no other meaning, right, Mei er.”Su Mei take advantage of depend in the bosom of yun Ye: “rightness, ye elder brother, I some tired, you send me to come home, good not good.”Between that speech, be full of daughter home delicate shame, he knows why Yun Ye maintains oneself, it is for Lin Yue nothing more than.Yun Ye looked at Lin Yue first, but found that her eyes which have their own, is all Gu Shu, he worried: “good.”Say, pull su Mei’s hand, prepare to leave, but just get up, seem to think of something important again, he questioned the vision looked at Su Mei: “Mei, don’t you say have what big list want to talk with Yue son?I’ve forgotten something so important.”Classics yun Ye this say, Lin Yue also reaction come over, the vision looks forward to hope su Mei.Just did not think su Mei took out a mobile phone, looked at the time, her eyes apologize: “1 o ‘clock, Miss Lin, really sorry?I with zhang general appointment time is 12 o ‘clock, now over time, Zhang general affirmation think, I will not cooperate with him.”Lin Yue was angry, but she didn’t show it. She smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, Miss Su. Thank you for remembering me.”(Click the following link to read the novel) The second book: “Fast wear of this white lotus flower is no good” author: Yu Yu Introduction: In order to have the whole forest, Flower Xiyan hard struggle, the task is not afraid of more, roll up the sleeve is dry.Who knows a wayman killed in the middle of the road, since then on the life of the peak of the day far away.The person is forced to the corner to retreat no retreat, someone a face gloomy dead stare at her: chase you so many worlds, hear you still want to left embrace right embrace?Flower xianyan full desire for life: dare not dare……Pit guide: “Say it.”Jiang shuyu still felt that it was not good to be confined in her heart. She also learned some things on the Internet, but the credibility of those things on the Internet was almost zero.Flower pity yan disappointed, “but destroyed my reputation, robbed my favorite person, framed me to kill her, united others let me love that person sent me to prison.”Jiang shuyu was stunned by the light words, and there were some bloody scars behind them. She wanted to comfort her with a few words, but she listened to Hua Xiyan and said, “If it weren’t for Jiang Shuyu, I didn’t know that the person I love didn’t know that I paid my heart.””Oh?”Jiang Shu was stunned.Flower xianyan turned over, “I had the idea of spending a lifetime with him, this Jiang Shu let me see his face, see my position in his heart, a clear understanding of him is a scum, I am not the ‘thank’ Jiang Ying?”Jiang Shu language moment aphasia, but also…Can you think so?It took a long time to find his voice, na Na way: “If there is no her, maybe you and you love that person together.””Isn’t it more terrible to recognize him after marriage?”Flower xianyan said, “there is a saying that only don’t work hard mistress, no pry not move the corner?If you ask me, as long as the foundation is strong, the corner will never fall.It’s just a lack of affection after all.””Remember, do not put their whole life pressure on a person, whether you love the person, or love your person, I put all pressure on the pool royal body, now it lost, lost in a complete mess.”(click on the following link to read the novel) the third book: “Fast wear system of the female with the attack plan” author: light wind dance Liu introduction :DNF lover night yu through, in the hotel owner’s wife, Silia under the flicker, successfully transferred to a call division.I thought summoner was a sewer class and I was going to be paddling in the Marvel Universe, but…Ding!You have gained the Contract summoning ability: Naruto Vortex!Into the pit guide: Dawn to do things to leave has been close to ring noon, dawn looked up at the sun in the sky, the sun is so hot, look up some hot, let a person’s eyes some can not open.”Ninety-nine, do you know of any place near here where I can get a good meal?I’m so hungry. I’d better have a roof. The sun is so hot today.””Ding, go straight to the right for 500 meters and there will be a crossroad. Then turn left and you will see a dessert shop. There are all kinds of desserts to fill your stomach.””(*@ο@*) Dessert, I love you the most. You know that I love dessert the most. Without telling you, I am going to eat dessert.”The morning light said that he broke off the connection with the system unilaterally and hurried to the destination.Dessert house.”Welcome, how can I help you?”The side of the waiter said enthusiastically.Morning Sun looked at the dessert list in front of her.”Please order me black Forest cake, Tiramisu, macaron, and iced honey lemonade for the time being, thank you.”Dawn said and handed the dessert menu to the waiter.”Ok, please wait a moment, your dessert will be here soon, please wait a moment.”Waiter say that finish, slightly bent a body, turn around to leave.In a moment, the morning light began to appear in front of her.Dawn slowly eating the food in front of the heart but with 99 talk.”Ninety-nine, what is the wish of the original Lord?””Ding, the main task of the host is to get Qin Yi’s love without reservation, the side task is to let Lucke get due next time, and the invisible task is……””Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.Why do you suddenly show up?””Asked the morning sun.(Click on the following link to read the novel) Well, these are small make up today with you to understand the content, in see these, you have in the heart of the creation of their favorite works?Well, if you have anything to say, feel free to comment in the comments below.Past period wonderful content review: ancient words: and after leaving just know to be pregnant, 5 years later she carries Gemini strong back to Beijing, someone gave the city to surround “speech Day arrogant” spring breeze ten li, group beautiful jing Yan, emperor too female never tangle monogamy don’t feel little “reborn emperor female disorderly world” Du Gu Qin body suddenly light, was actually embraced by the person waist…”Farmer door doctor” he is sick, she cures a disease, by the way aid the world to hang a pot, earned back his ransom money “evil king poison kiss small crazy princess” son yue: “little thing, a little dirty, you should take a bath.”