Shop always flow more but did not convert?These three aspects are the key

2022-08-06 0 By

Have done e-commerce all know, a year almost no holiday at all, every time to see traffic conversion is less heart plug, recently a lot of people asked why so, today it is analyzed, traffic is, then the problem should appear in the transformation, I summed up three aspects to tell you about.1. Comments Many people may ask: How many comments are effective?Excluding filtered reviews and bad reviews, there are more than 20 is good, some activities are just into the threshold door, and reviews are best with buyers show, give customers a feeling of authenticity, answer visitors’ questions and dispel their shopping concerns.If there is no comment, conversion is also a certain difficulty, unless there is after-sales protection, such as insurance fees, a false ten and so on.Speaking of SKU combination, the role of SKU is really too powerful. It can not only attract customers with low prices, but also set different SKU to meet the shopping needs of different groups. In addition to single product purchase, additional SKU sets can be added to make higher profits and improve the instantaneous conversion rate a lot.Otherwise, the system will judge it as a low-price diversion.Look at the picture. Although it is the same product, is the SKU on the left writing that buy 1 jin get 1 jin free (special price of 100 copies) more convincing than the 500g bag on the right, so that customers can feel the weight of goods and avoid customers saying that the goods are not correct?At the same time added a limited price special instructions, customers will have a sense of urgency to order, worried about missing this time.3. Detail page layout skills detail page to describe more details of goods, the customer’s concerns and selling points of goods are highlighted, and commodity parameters are not necessarily useful, but it is absolutely not good.At the top of the details page, you can recommend other similar products in the store, or associate with products to provide customers with a variety of choices. If customers do not like the products they browse at present, they may like the recommended products again, so as to reduce the loss of visitors as much as possible.Share here, I am to go to more, a duo duo generation put small assistant, if you have any questions can leave a message below, welcome to discuss together.