TOP10 topics of Korean dramas in February!”Thirty-nine” did not start into the list, the champion began to praise

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In February, there will be a number of strong Korean dramas, such as “39” by Sohn Ye-jin and Jeon Mi-do, and “25, 21” by Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyeok, which are highly anticipated.And a few days ago Korea data analysis agency GOODDATA also released the “February hot Korean TV drama topic” TOP10, among which “39” has not started into the list, “Meteorological Office people” dropped to the second, “this” just started with 21% topic degree champion!TOP10 hot Korean dramas in topics in February: “only one” 2.65% “only one” finale broke into the TOP10!Starring Ahn Eun-jin, Kim Gyeong-nam and Joy in “Smart Doctor Life,” the movie has a 2.65% share of online topics. It tells the story of a woman who was informed that she had cancer. She thought, “Since she is going to die, she should kill a bad person and then die,” but she met the most precious person in her life.However, “Only One” only premiere ratings of 2.442%, the subsequent ratings plummeted, the lowest ever reached 0.498%, the average ratings of only 0.885%!Although the ratings are low, but the story abuse heart with a cure, the first few episodes won a lot of praise, lines are very life, male and female main set will attract people want to go on, but late too drag drama, many audiences said that if the production into 12 rallies more just!2.71% “39”, which will premiere on February 16, will drop into the ninth place before the premiere!Occupy 2.71% topic on the Internet “thirty-nine”, by Sun Yizhen, Tian Meidu, Kim Ji-hyun starring, the story tells about from the second year of high school is bestie, will soon enter the age of 40 three women of the same age, the workplace, friendship, love and daily life face a variety of challenges, staged their realistic romance.”Thirty-nine” is a high-profile Korean drama in 2022, especially when it is set, it is praised as the golden cast with “no acting loopholes” on the Internet, and many fans are looking forward to the chemistry between the three girlfriends.And also find Yan Woozhen, Li Maosheng, Lee Tae-hwan and Sun Yizhen, Tian Meidu, Kim Ji-hyun respectively group CP, at present look at the still, preview feeling is a warm heart cure, can attract resonance of the play!Hot South Korean TV series in February TOP8 topics: “Social Blind Date” 3.55% Manga adaptation “Social Blind Date” before the start of the list!Starring AnXiaoXie, Jin Shizheng dating “topic in the club degree is 3.55%, the story is short of money, ordinary office worker” ShenXia li “instead of a friend to mutually close, originally wanted to make them a bad impression, refused to mutually close, didn’t think blind date turned out to be your company’s President, has launched a nervous, funny, romantic love story!Ahn Hyo-seop plays kang Tae-mu, the handsome and smart president of The company, and Kim Se-jeong plays Shin Ha-ri, an ordinary office worker. They look like sparks in the play!A few days ago the official release of an Hyo-sup and Kim Sejong co-shot posters and trailer, you can feel two strong chemical effect, and the drama style visual detection is to take a relaxed and interesting route, after the broadcast is expected to set off a topic!TOP7 hot south Korean TV series in topics in February: people who interpret the heart of evil (4.32%) the seventh is people who interpret the heart of evil (4.32%)!Starring Kim Nam-gil and Jin Sun-kyu, the series tells the criminal reasoning story of profilers who listen to the inner voice of evil criminals in order to hunt down the evil criminals and put Korea into a state of fear in an era when profilers did not exist.People who Read the Heart of Evil has a novel subject matter and a fascinating plot. The overall rhythm and tension are well handled. With the famous acting skills of Kim Nam-gil and Jin Sun-kyu, the main characters step by step establish themselves as criminal profilers.Sixth place went to “Moon In Blossom,” starring Yoo Seung-ho, Hye-ri and Byun Woo-seok, with 5.03% of online topics.The drama is set in the late Korean unique “prohibition” period, currently broadcast to the 14th episode, the early style is more relaxed, interesting, later is a combination of funny and investigative elements, the overall pace is very fast, will not let a person look very boring, is the recent period worth chasing comedy!TOP5 Korean TV dramas in topics in February:The fifth place is Ghost Doctor, which occupies 6.94% of the topic. This medical comedy, starring Rain and Kim Pan, is based on the theme of “soul union”. The overall story is light-hearted, interesting and fast-paced, which is very comfortable to watch and makes people curious about the next development.Smoothly to finish chasing, Rain and Gold pan in the play is also very hotspot, is the recent stability of the Korean drama praise!Degrees TOP4 February hit Korean dramas topic: “peacock city”, 6.96% 6.96% is the fourth topic of “peacock city”, this drama starring show love, king kong, to shake the “gallery” into the town group of south Korean politics as the background, tells because of the desire to board of South Korea’s top women, launched a series of exceptional suspense story.From a female perspective, Peacock City presents how women survive in the upper class society and portrays many dark sides of human nature. Almost every episode has a twist, which is very fascinating.But recently, the series ushered in the final episode, not only the topic increased, the audience rating of the last episode also reached a new high of 4.695%!TOP3 south Korean TV series in terms of topics in February: gentleman and miss (14.51%)It is a 50-part weekend series about a 40-year-old man and a 20-year-old girl.Although the age difference between the male and female protagonists is 20 years, but the interaction between the two people is very unexpected spark, CP feeling is stronger and stronger, also make the popularity of the drama, ratings and discussion degree all the way up, almost every week can be on the topic ranking top circle!February hot Korean TV series topic TOP2: “People of the Meteorological Office” 18.72% recently launched “People of the Meteorological Office” airborne second!The topic of the Internet accounted for 18.72%, this by Park Min-young, Song Jiang, Yoon Bo starring, is South Korea’s first “meteorological agency” as the theme of the work, about the people working in the meteorological agency experience failure and stand up again, grow up together every day story, will also describe the career and love between the meteorological agency staff.The first two episodes of The People of the Meteorological Administration received 4.514 percent and 5.455 percent respectively, which is a good start.The workplace set in the “meteorological office” is very novel, the first two episodes have a lot of bridge about the weather, the pace is fast and wonderful, and many viewers also praised Song Jiang and Piao Minying very match, two people spark super, broadcast after frequently triggered hot discussion, after the potential bullish!February hot Korean drama topic TOP1: “25, 21” 21.72% the champion is occupied 21.72% topic “25, 21″!The movie, starring Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyeok, is set in 1998, when the FINANCIAL crisis broke out. It is a young romance in which a 22-year-old and an 18-year-old meet for the first time in 1998. After three years of mutual trauma, misunderstanding and dependence, they fall in love at 25 and 21.”25, 21” a few days ago premiere set 6.370% of the audience, boarded the tvN weekend series premiere ratings of the 11th in history, almost crowded into the top ten, not only than “can not kill”, “crash landing of love” are also high, the second episode ratings soared to 8.010%!And “25, 21” after the broadcast on the Internet has received good reviews from one-sided, south column h & jintai pear in the CP sense is very strong, two people have a good sense of youth, deduce the role was in place, and south column about acting is amazing, and acting pie jintai pear on the scene to no less, really very suitable for the role of “white Yi Chen”!Coupled with the director of the picture is very beautiful, very fresh, the pace of the plot is also very comfortable, let people after watching an episode will want to continue to follow, the subsequent ratings are expected to rise again!