Xianyu town: the weather warming spring tea mining time

2022-08-07 0 By

Spring flowers, tea fragrance.At present, Shitai Xian Yu town of spring tea has ushered in the picking season.Into the town of Xian Yu Slope village, the head of the tea professional cooperative wu Zuoliang is leading the tea picking workers bow through the tea forest field between the road, hard picking a bud a leaf.With the temperature warming, more than 20 tea picking workers came to this tea base with tea baskets on their backs, and began the busy spring tea picking season.Tea picker Tang Zhongqing: “we have been picking here for four or five days. We have nothing to do at home, so we can pick a little to increase our income. We can’t pick much a day.Develop their own tea industry, while driving the income of nearby villagers.As a big family in the village, Wu Zuoliang has been engaged in tea business for more than 30 years, transferring more than 100 mu of mountains and fields to grow tea.However, due to the impact of low temperature and rainy weather for several days, tea trees have delayed the germination of spring buds.This year, his tea base was mined on March 15, about 10 days later than last year. This is the second round of harvesting, and the output is also lower than in previous years.Xianyu town zhanpo village tea professional cooperatives in charge of Wu Zuoliang: “I last year average pick every day about 40 people, more than 60 people, less time also have more than a dozen people, this year average only 20 people a little more, with the same period than a little less.”Also affected by the weather and qifeng village tea farmer Zhang Caihong, although the mining period has been delayed, but due to sufficient rainfall, appropriate temperature, tea production conditions are better, her tea quality foundation is good, can also sell a good price.Tea farmer Zhang Caihong: “I moved the tea back from the mountain branches, their own branches in the field planted by their own, fresh tea can sell about 60, a day can pick up five to six kilograms.”Shitai County has been relying on ecological advantages to vigorously develop the tea industry, turning the green mountains into gold and silver mountains for people to increase their income, and tea has become one of the main sources of income for local farmers.With the rise of temperature, the county has entered the stage of comprehensive exploitation of spring tea.